July 5, 2022

F1: Canadian GP Takeaways

June 21, 2022 Jacqueline Cordova 0

Red Bull may have had Checo Perez walking through the bushes over the weekend but they walked out of it with Max Verstappen winning his first Canadian GP and sitting comfortably in the contractor’s standings […]

Hollywood, do better

June 15, 2022 Ted Flint 0

Hollywood anymore is all about pre-existing intellectual property. Which sucks as a movie goer and a dad of boys who love movies because they won’t get to discover anything that isn’t already in their lives. […]

To Belong in Sports

June 14, 2022 Nicole Gustafson 0

Baseball has long been “my sport.” I drag a large group of friends to a game once a summer or I frequently go by myself and keep score. I’ve gone to ballparks while on vacation. […]

F1: Azerbaijan GP Takeaways

June 13, 2022 Jacqueline Cordova 0

Photo Courtesy of FormulaOne.com Formula One is officially eight races into the 2022 season. Our staff has amassed a loyal following and together they’ll be bringing you their takeaways following each race. This past weekend, […]

Let them drink

June 13, 2022 Ted Flint 0

Mr. Pollard, can I call you Jamie? I am going to call you Jamie and if that results in me getting blocked for a third time, well, I guess it was a long time coming. […]

Matinee Baseball: 4.02 Caddyshack

June 10, 2022 Ted Flint 0

On this episode Ted Flint, Jake Vos and Shawn Fensterman are joined by Trent Condon to have some beverages and talk about Caddyshack. Matinee Baseball: 4.02 Caddyshack | RSS.com

Unskippable TV Intros

June 9, 2022 Ryan Moon 0

We watch a ton of TV in the Moon household, and if we’re lucky, we’ll come across an intro sequence that doesn’t make us want to immediately hit “skip” during a binge session. Whether it’s […]

NBA Final Predictions

June 1, 2022 Ryan Moon 0

We have finally arrived at the NBA Finals. Will the Warriors’ experience and shooting lead them to another ring or will the Celtics’ defense shut them down and guide them to their first ring in […]