October 31, 2020

SDSU, the hero of the MWC

February 3, 2020 Emily Cornell 0

What does SDSU’s success during the season mean for their run in the NCAA tournament? Absolutely nothing. Nothing is guaranteed in the tournament, friends. Bet wisely. […]

Duke’s Zion Era Ends

April 3, 2019 Emily Cornell 0

While most folks aren’t Duke fans, it’s hard to not be a Zion fan. He’s received hype all season long, bringing more attention to the Duke Blue Devils than they probably deserved. Not to say […]

Round One: Must Watch Matchups

March 20, 2019 Emily Cornell 0

Ladies and gentlemen, it is March, which means we’ve entered the most wonderful time of the year. College basketball tournament season is only made sweeter when your team receives an invitation to the dance. On […]

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