December 14, 2019
Dana Melcher
Staff Writer

Dana Melcher is a recently dubbed “adult” and Iowa State grad who shamelessly adores Lisa Frank products, Dawson’s Creek and alternative 90’s music (all of which were popular before she could recite the alphabet.) She enjoys fan-girling at little-known artists’ concerts, drinking wine from boxes and putting down unlimited amounts of Red Lobster cheddar “bae” biscuits. In her free time, Dana can be found wearing sundresses at inappropriate times (at the driving range; in her garden) and talking way too loudly about things that don’t really matter.

ICBYHST: Memento

August 21, 2017 Dana Melcher 1

ICBYHST: Or I can’t believe you haven’t seen that is a phrase you often hear in this day and age of tv and movies. There is just so much going on or it was made […]

Glamorous gardening

May 22, 2017 Dana Melcher 0

“It sounds like you need a hobby.” Those were the words of wisdom from a coworker upon hearing that my version of ~*adulthood*~ entails of working 8-5, then going home to lie in bed, eat […]

Getting dressed up

May 5, 2017 Dana Melcher 1

Many are familiar with the year of transition that comes after graduating college. Jobs, surroundings and friends change. What I’ve experienced most is that hobbies change. My free time used to be filled with Netflix […]

ICBYHST: Rules of Attraction

May 2, 2017 Dana Melcher 0

“I can’t believe you haven’t seen that!” – Ted Flint, referring to Rules of Attraction, upon hearing about my undying love for Dawson’s Creek and late 90’s and early 2000’s teen flicks.

ICBYHST: Stand by Me

February 6, 2017 Dana Melcher 0

The leech scene. That’s what piqued my interest and got me to watch Stand by Me last week, along with the fact that Ted threatened me with fire when he found out I had never […]

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