March 1, 2024
Craig Spencer
Former Staff Writer

We let down Afghanistan

September 2, 2021 Craig Spencer 0

Just like countless other veterans who have served in the Global War on Terror I haven’t been OK these past few weeks. With the attack on the 26th and the full withdrawal of American military […]

I Could’ve Been A Hashtag

May 31, 2020 Craig Spencer 0

I’ve posted a lot over the past few days regarding George Floyd and the fallout thereafter. I didn’t watch the video when it immediately went viral because I was honestly afraid. I was afraid of […]

Zero tolerance

June 21, 2018 Craig Spencer 0

I try not to judge people based solely on their political philosophy. We’re all allowed differing perspectives on what might be the best way to move forward with all sorts of different topics. Difference in […]

Patriot Games

October 25, 2017 Craig Spencer 0

The various kneeling protestors in the NFL have been discussed ad nauseam at this point, no doubt. Some of the more recent events within the Trump administration, along with the President’s continued attempts to rebrand […]