June 12, 2024

Just a fan


Sunday found me there in my car, listening to the Bears once again lose to the Packers in a game in which many had picked them to win. A game in which if they won they would eliminate the Packers from the playoffs. A game in which they couldn’t even score a freaking touchdown. I started thinking to what the Bears will do with Justin Fields and the number one draft pick they have from the Panthers. It dawned on me. Why do I care so much? Hell my son even teases that I am more of a Niners fan at this point. Yes, if you recall, I just became a Bears fan a few years back after taking a year off from fandom and before that being a Dolphins fan most of my life.

The thing is I am a Bears fan. But also I don’t really care. I mean, I care, let me try to make the words work here. I root for the Bears. I have favorite Bears players. DJ Moore who is the best thing to come out of that trade with the Panthers. Some fans will sit there and just dwell over every little thing the GMs and owners of their team does. And good for them. But really there is some innocent loyalness that comes with just being a fan of the team that runs out there in the uniforms. Earlier this year I was all in the Bears should tank. But then you know what they started winning. And yes I know by winning they are screwing up next years draft. But what would you rather talk about at the bar with a sports fan beside you? The game your favorite team just won or being angry or pessimistic about what things they should do in the future? For me this is a no brainer.

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Maybe this comes from me being new to the team so I don’t have decades of fandom cooked in. So it is easier for me to just be surface level fan. Maybe that’s what I should call myself. A surface level Bears fan. Because I don’t have any idea what to do with Justin Fields. I can say I love watching him play most games. And I think there is an argument for using the draft picks to build a better team around him. And if it fails then you got a built in team to either attract a free agent. Go the Rams route and get someone like Stafford. Or hell of Fields keeps getting better you pay the man who loves being a Bear.

But you know what. Why worry about that. Why spend time for the next five months going over the rosters when you can check out til April. Watch some college basketball. See the draft. Check out again til September and come back to just be a fan. Just being a hoodie fan is ok. As long as you don’t become a Tavern Hok. But until the Bears start winning. I think I don’t have to worry about that. In the meantime. Go Purdy, Go Niners. Lets get a ship.

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