June 15, 2024

Save Farmageddon

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I’m sitting here tired and hungover, with not enough coffee in my system. After spending a night in Twitter/X jail for tweeting a picture of a fan saying “Save Farmageddon” at the Gene Taylor and Jamie Pollard and being reported 10 minutes later. So either Fox found the photo that fast (not freaking likely) or Taylor or Pollard reported me. Freaking snowflakes. Did I mention how damn hungover I am, hell maybe I’m still drunk? Anyway if this article ends up sounding amazing, thank the editors because they fixed it. I know I am not the perfect messenger or vessel, but damn it something about seeing TCU beat Baylor and celebrate winning the Blue Bonnet Battle has really pissed me off – especially with Farmageddon being this week between Iowa State and Kansas State. If you are living under a rock and somehow missed the news. They are killing the streak of consecutive years that Farmageddon has happened at 108 years when the game doesn’t get played in 2027. I think my math is right. (110, but who’s counting? -ed)

This was so stupid.

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Ted Flint | The Tailgate Society

Let’s rehash all my issues with this game first though. It needs a damn trophy.

“But Ted, it’s only an online rivalry no one in real life cares about Farmageddon!” Do you want to make it real easy to care? Give the players and coaches something to fight over that the crowd in the stadium can see. I have the perfect answer.

A full-size antique tractor.

I would pick a Farmall B. And since this is the last game of the year you park that sucker on the sidelines and let the winning team drive it up and down the field. Can’t you see the winning linemen, born and raised in state, driving it up and down the field with the biggest smile on his face? How ridiculous is it that this hasn’t happened yet?

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Ted Flint | The Tailgate Society

The Big 12 reasons for this not being a protected rivalry are so damn dumb and Jamie Pollard backing their decision by saying ISU fans don’t buy tickets to the game when it is in Manhattan, citing low ticket sales through KSU. No SHIT! It’s 2023! Who is buying away tickets through the other team’s school? We use one of the many ticket-buying apps. Pollard has done so many great things, I just don’t get this. Hell, the TV announcers call the damn game Farmageddon. If you want the new Big 12 to get TV eyeballs? how about two of the best schools fighting over a full-size tractor at the end of November? We mock the Big 10 for all their trophies but yet every Saturday I see players holding them up after a big game being so damn happy.

“But Ted if we do it ever year you will have to wait an extra two years to play one of the west schools at home.” Ok, deal, who gives a shit? Sorry, I am just so angry some suits somewhere decided to blow up a thing I love. I am also so angry the ADs of the schools also don’t seem to give a shit. Pollard might be the most online AD in the country. He knows how much the online fans love Farmageddon, Just do a Google search for Farmageddon and you will see how many KSU fans also love this rivalry. Do you know how hard it is to get KSU and ISU fans to agree on anything? It just doesn’t happen. Sorry for the word vomit, but I had to get this out of my hungover angry brain before it festered even more. There is still time to change the fate of the game. 2027 is a ways off. But can we please just start with a trophy? These things need it. However, I need a water and some Tylenol.

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Ted Flint | The Tailgate Society
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