May 24, 2024

We have to fix ISU Gameday

Heemsbergen, Gerrit C

We all know I am not great at words so I am going to try and talk through this. It took the above tweet from a Kansas State fan to remind me of what needs to be fixed most inside Jack Trice. And I am not talking about moving the student section back to the northeast side of the field in their original location. I’m talking about what happens during the increasingly longer TV timeouts.

You need to look no further than going to Hilton for a home game. During every break there is a fun new game for people to watch on the video boards. Three hats with a ball hidden under one of them, trivia, bringing students out on the court for a fun contest–you’re telling me we can’t let a student at a football game win a free mini fridge or some shit by hitting a 20 yard field goal? Or how about we use the GIANT ASS video boards for something besides a bunch of selfies. Nothing against the selfies mind you, but maybe before the game tell us which hashtags to use? My sons kept looking and they never made it. Maybe this is a me problem for not following the right accounts, but if all they get to look at is selfies all game they are going to be bummed when they don’t see them.

I’m not shitting on them introducing veterans, women athletes, or Iowa State Hall of Famers; there should be time for both. We are spending millions of dollars on CyTown but can’t hire some cheap graphic folks to help entertain the young fans, or even the older fans.  And this is all without mentioning the cell service, which is so bad the kids can’t even mess on adults’ phones during the game. I will continue to take my kids to at least one football game a year. But I can tell you how much more fun they have at basketball games, and it isn’t about wins and losses. Iowa State has to fix this issue because this isn’t just a kids problem. Entertaining games on the big screens on both sides of the stadium can help keep the overall energy in the stadium going.    

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