May 21, 2024

Mount Rushmore: Millennial Things

Millennials are going through it, folks. And if you don’t believe me, this Mount Rushmore of millennial ~things~ may convince you.

Not Owning a House

Emily Cornell | The Tailgate Society

No, our avocado toast isn’t why we can’t afford a house. It’s because houses cost half a million dollars and the average annual income for Americans is ~$50,000. Now if you want to say, “But, Dave Ramsey!”, let me stop you there. Dave Ramsey is a whole other topic I can rant about for a long time. Nothing lights me up like talking about personal finance.

Therapy for Anxiety/Depression

ssstocker –

Millennials like therapy because we’re watching the world burn and really need to process it with another person. Want to know why we’re anxious and depressed? I’ll give a little insight: peep the first item on this list, throw in a rocky geopolitical climate and climate change, and you have yourself a nice little cocktail of stress.


Emily Cornell | The Tailgate Society

For whatever reason, we love the children’s television series “Arthur.” Probably because it reminds us of a simpler time. But we’ll work through the “why” in therapy.


Last, but certainly not least, the band Paramore. Every millennial loses their mind when a Paramore song (likely off the album “Riot!”) comes on, whether it’s in the car or on the radio or at a bar. We are not well. 🙃

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