July 15, 2024

Wedding or Worst Day Ever?

Season two of the hit Netflix dating series “Love is Blind” has certainly kept viewers on their toes. Over the last two weeks there were love triangles, stupid fights, skeptical family members, and lots of tacky, gold stemware. With the finale about to drop, some writers at The Tailgate Society predicted who will say “I do” and who will have a rough day at the altar.

Jarael Madyun

Who will say yes or no?

Iyanna and Jarrette: YES. I think if anyone says no, it’s Iyanna. However, I think she says yes!
Mallory and Sal: NO. If Mallory is able to get that sister support, she’s all in. However, I don’t think she will get it. She’ll say no.
Natalie and Shayne: YES. 100% they both say yes.
Deepti and Shake: YES. Deepti might be having doubts now as well? I think they say yes though.
Danielle and Nick: NO. I think Nick says no.
Shaina and Kyle: LOL. Why did they even do this to us? We knew what was happening.

Who should say no?

Nick: Honestly, I hate to do it but I think Nick should bounce. He seems way too uncomfortable with the fact that he’ll have to wear hot dog costumes because it’s a Tuesday.

Deepti should also say no. Although I really like how vulnerable Shake has been and how reflective he is, but I don’t know if there is any coming back from “I love you and we have a great connection but our romantic vibes aren’t there because you look like my aunt.” Imagine having to sexualize your aunt? Right? Some battles aren’t worth fighting.

Who is your favorite couple?

This has changed drastically… initially, it was Nick and Danielle. I enjoyed how open and honest they were, but then I started seeing them argue and I’m like uhhhh lots of insecurities here and I don’t know if Nick has the capacity to navigate this long-term.

So, my new favorite couple is…. wow, this is hard for me to say. I think it’s Shayne and Natalie. Hold up though, did you all really think they were that compatible? I sure did not and I’m shocked at how they seem to really like each other after meeting. I do love the other couples though, but gotta go with the shocker for me, Shayne and Natalie. Let’s hope she can help him with that $2k a month food budget.

Which contestant would you choose if you were on the show?

Okay, this is for fun. I understand I am a married man with a child BUT if I had to choose a man and a woman from the show who I could vibe with hmmm…

I think all the dudes are mediocre on looks and I mean that in the best way possible. Like, no one was out of anyone’s league to me. So, I’m selecting Nick purely based on his emotional intelligence and his ability to de-escalate conflict. I argue a lot.

The girls are all on the same level with emotional intelligence. They seem to be reflective and patient as a group. I think me and Mal would be best friends. I could also see me and Iyanna being great friends. I’ll go with Iyanna because I damn near teared up when she was crying putting on that wedding dress. Like yes gurl I think that’s the one too!

Jacqueline Cordova

Who will say yes or no?

Unlike last season, this season seems so much more in the air. I feel like there is no clear solid couple that makes me feel as confident as Amber and Barnett and Lauren and Cam did. 
But, the name of the game is we’re making predictions. Here is who I think will say yes mutually: Jarrette and Iyanna, Shayne and Natalie. 
This opinion comes without having any clue what big fight happened between Shayne and Natalie according to the preview before their wedding. But as of now, from what I know, I feel they’ll fully go through with it. 
When it comes to Nick and Danielle, I feel as though Nick is going to remember all the things he’s clearly not ok with and say no while Danielle says yes. I think Nick has portrayed himself as someone who enjoys a chill and laid-back life where partying and hot dog costumes don’t fit. 
I have a part of me that thinks Shake and Deepti will actually go through their wedding but a bigger part of me believes Shake will say no and Deepti will say yes. (Sigh) 
I am currently going back and forth with Mallory and Salvador. I feel as though I am leaning more towards it’ll be a mutual yes, but part of me believes Mallory will say no and Sal will say yes. 

Who should say no?

I don’t even care to get into why all the people I believe should say no, should do so, except Deepti. 
A beautiful, intelligent, loving, funny, open-minded QUEEN. I think Shake has so much to figure out about HIMSELF with a therapist. He is so undeserving of the woman Deepti is. Even his mother said it. I think it’s a valid thing to feel: if you’re just not vibing with someone in terms of physical attraction then you’re just not. I think Shake knows she ticks off every single other box except that one and he’s trying so hard to get himself 100 percent in but can’t get there. I just don’t think she’ll say no and I hope she does. 
(Nick, please say no.) 

Who is your favorite couple?

My favorite couple has to, weirdly enough, be Sal and Mallory. I find myself relating to them a lot simply because I am also a Hispanic who hasn’t dated much within my race. It’s an unexplainable thing when it comes to the way it feels when you connect with someone who understands your culture and can even relate to your upbringing a little bit. I see that in Sal and Mal. 

Which contestant would you choose if you were on the show?

If Salvador would promise to not write any songs about me then I would without a doubt want to date him. I like the way he seems very laid back yet goofy. Plus, I think he’s very attractive.

Nicole Gustafson

Who will say yes or no?

I don’t know if love is blind, but I know Kyle is. That’s the only way he could have missed all of Shaina’s red flags. Fortunately for him, they have already broken up and are not taking part in the finale.

I’m going to lean optimistic and guess that we see three couples actually get married: Shayne and Natalie, Sal and Mallory, and Jarrette and Iyanna.

Who should say no?

I think the remaining two couples should say no. Nick and Danielle are our season two winners of the Damian and Gigi Award for Couples with a Lot Going On. I think he ultimately says no because of all their fighting. I hope Danielle gives therapy a try and maybe they can figure it out in the future because they do have potential.

Shake’s already messed this up. Even though he’s the one questioning his desire for Deepti, I think she turns him down. I love and am so pleased to hear her say that she knows she deserves a man who loves her AND is attracted to her. She’s absolutely right. If she doesn’t want to marry a guy before he’s fully worked out all of the potential identity issues causing him to see women shallowly and push away brown women, more power to her. She’s doing great and he still needs some work.

Who is your favorite couple?

My favorite couple is a close battle. I love Jarrette and Iyanna’s connection so much, and I’m rooting for them like crazy. But I think I have to pick Sal and Mallory as my favorites because I see the fewest potential issues with them. And of course, they’re super sweet together.

Which contestant would you choose if you were on the show?

Love is Blind is thus far a straight show, so out of all the guys, I would have picked Sal. Like Mallory said, he’s not the typical type I go for, but he seems to be a good communicator and the little romantic date nights he plans for Mallory are cute as hell. We love a guy who knows what he has and puts in effort to keep it!

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