May 21, 2024

GameDay Guest Picker Nominations

Please god, not Eric Church again.

Lindsey English | The Tailgate Society College GameDay, Ames, Iowa, 2019. (Nirmalendu Majumdar/Ames Tribune)

They’re back! ESPN’s College GameDay is coming back to the heartland for yet another Cy-Hawk rivalry game. I polled The Tailgate Society contributors with some rooting interest in the game for who’d they like to see at the desk with Rece, Desmond, coach, and Herbstreit.

Here’s what we said.

Georges Niang (Iowa State, Philadelphia 76ers)

“Georges is by far the alumni that flexes his Cyclone muscle the most often.  Unlike some picks by my colleagues, there’s a high probability he’ll be in Ames this weekend already.  Georges is known for never-missing a Hawkeye trash-talking opportunity and he’s a fantastic interview; everything you could possibly want in a guest picker.  The only thing that makes me question if he could get the nod is that he’s not the household name that traditionally shows up on the GameDay stage but if any school is going to buck tradition, it makes sense that it would be Iowa State.” – Lindsey

Kelechi Osemele (Iowa State, NFL free agent)

“A recent Super Bowl winner with time to do it due to injury rehab.  Would be a known name to football fans across the country.” – Aaron

Carson King (2019 GameDay Legend)

“Iowans love Iowans.  Iowans especially love Iowans that do big things for great causes. For these reasons, the guest picker for GameDay has to be Carson King.  Fandom be damned, this should be someone that both Iowa State and Iowa fans can agree on.” – Pete

“Carson took a simple sign as a joke and turned it into a philanthropy opportunity, raising millions.  Not only is a Gameday legend but by doing so became the only Cyclone graduate cheered at an Iowa Hawkeye football game!  He epitomized CyHawk week in a good way!” – Chris

(If you missed it, check out Carson’s interview with Tim & Chris where he talks about that day in 2019 and his thoughts on being a guest picker if GameDay were to return.)

Redfoo (Rapper)

“Redfoo should be the picker.  ISU fans have embraced Juicy Wiggle as a de facto hype song that’s always played in big moments.  Redfoo screaming Ooooooo EEEEEEEEEEEE as he picks ISU would send the crown into raptures.” – Jared

Trae Young (Atlanta Hawks, HS teammates with current Iowa State TE Charlie Kolar)

“The obvious choice to me is Trae Young. HE is as close to a household name with a loose connection to this game that provides an ESPN-focused sports crossover as any other celebrity – certainly better than Eric freaking Church.  HE is ostensibly (though not really) less biased than an alum from either school with bring, and I think he will provide them with a good off-topic fodder that normally GameDay gets so mired in that people would get annoyed.  They get to plus the NBA!  What’s that? The NBA season is months away?  That’s already too late!  Sell! Sell! Sell!” – Tim

Alan Jackson (country music star)

“Alan Jackson. We got a random country singer last time, he’s playing Wells Fargo Arena that same night”. – Shawn

Dan McCarney (former Iowa assistant coach, former Iowa State head coach)

“The guest picker should be Dan McCarney; it should have been him 2 years ago. He coached at both schools and would be amazing television.  Also, he needs a statue somewhere around Jack Trice Stadium.  Let’s fix this mistake and bring Danny Mac back.” – Ted

Tyrese Haliburton (Iowa State, Sacramento Kings)

“A young NBA talent who could’ve won rookie of the year.  The crowd will love him. Make it happen”. – Arnold

Not Nominated:

Fred Hoiberg
Naz Mitrou-Long
Kevin Costner
Alan Lazard
David Montgomery
Kim Reynolds
George Washington Carver

Maybe next time, guys!

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