December 6, 2021

Every Year We (rumored to be) Shufflin’

Realign Everything

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In our desperation to feign normalcy, the most “normal” thing possible has happened – the College Football fates have spun up a new realignment rumor just in time for media days szn!

Is it Notre Dame, finally going to make a man out of the ACC?

Is it UCF, finally going to be made a man by a big boy conference?

Is it the Big 12 imploding with the SEC being the beneficiary of Texas’ wealthy fan base and a side of Oklahoma for some reason?

Nobody is owning up to anything regarding a source because why would they? The east side of the country now thinks the Pac 12 has been put on their heels because the SEC as the first 16 team superconference would mean Disney/ESPN showering riches like something only Scrooge McDuck could dream up.

That makes the Big 12 nothing more than a glorified mid-major conference and relegates the Pac to only really competing in Olympic sports, leaving big boy money to big boy football.

This is all ridiculous, of course, so I love it. LFG. The Pac will be fine, and if the SEC goes to 16, so will they AND the Big 10. The Big 12 will rise from the ashes on the backs of the likes of Iowa State and Oklahoma State and Houston or whoever else gets picked up in the Great Reshuffle.

The narrative, it returns.

Just in time.

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