November 27, 2021

Sports & Corks 3.12: Curling

April 29, 2021 Emily Cornell 0

The people have spoken, they wanted to hear about curling, so Emily and Emily became curling experts. They also peppered in some games of the week, hot takes (FATWS fans, there’s a hot take here […]

Late Takes: OK Orchestra

April 26, 2021 Emily Cornell 0

I’m late to the party on music dropping, fortunately, late praise beats no praise. The next album you should listen to is OK Orchestra, it was released about a month ago and it is an […]

West Coast, Best Coast

April 19, 2021 Emily Cornell 0

If the women’s NCAA basketball championship got you amped about women’s basketball, I’m sorry that you have to wait a few months before more women’s college basketball. On the bright side, you have the WNBA […]

Sports & Corks 3.8: Final Four

April 1, 2021 Emily Cornell 0

And then there were four…(x2). Emily and Collin break down all that’s happening in the world of college basketball. They share celebratory wine picks for the Final Four, as well as some hot takes and […]