April 23, 2024

Having Fun With Betting for the Big Game!

This weekend we embark on another installment of one of the largest sports betting days of the year. Super Bowl Sunday is huge across the United States for different reasons, but gambling has become a very large one. In 2020 over $270 million was legally gambled in the States, while an estimated $6 billion was gambled worldwide (including US betting with offshore books). This year I’d like to give you a peek into my degenerate lifestyle and the bets for the game that interest me the most, along with some of the ones that I found that are just fun! I’ve looked across a few different sportsbooks and apps available to bettors in Iowa to find the best odds, but I can’t completely promise I found them all. I’ve looked at William Hill (WH), DraftKings (DK), FanDuel (FD), Pointsbet (PB) and offshore Bovada (B) for some of the fun ones you can’t get in Iowa.

Let’s start the fun off with the prop bets that happen before the game ever actually starts. This one is always a favorite for the people who like to check out what ridiculous things are available to bet is the time it takes to sing the national anthem.
Time of the Star Spangled Banner – Under 1 minute 59 seconds (-145 B)
This year the anthem is being sang as a duet featuring Jazmine Sullivan and Eric Church. As a matter of principle we bet the under on the anthem. I don’t have a lot of statistics to back this up, and the duet aspect may push it over, but who really knows!
Result of the opening coin toss – Tails (-101 WH)
We’re looking at 50/50 here, and William Hill is offering the best odds I could find, giving almost even money on either choice. Tails Never Fails!
Who will win the coin toss? – Tampa Bay (-101 WH)
Hoping to cash a double here, Buccaneers call tails and win this toss and we’ll be off to a hot start! William Hill once again offering almost even money on either side of this prop, and while possibly foolish, we’re taking a shot!
If you want to get really into bets that have less than zero to do with the game go check out Bovada for some Puppy Bowl bets! If the information helps, the MVP has been on Team Fluff 3 of the last 5 years and a male 3 of the last 5 years.

Alright, now that the first few bets have hopefully cashed and made us a few bucks let’s look forward to the actual action on the field! There are all kinds of different Over/Unders, Comparison, Yardage, and Touchdown Scorer bets out there – it’s a lot to weed through. But I’ll lay out a few that I’ll be putting my money on, and a few that I’ll at least be keeping an eye on!

Darrel Williams Over Total Rushing Yards
I rode this rollercoaster in the AFC Championship and it cashed, but came down to the last drive. Now there’s a difference of opinion here between books, and I think William Hill holds the best value at 27.5 yards for -105 odds. PointsBet has 28.5 yards for -115 and DraftKings comes in at 30.5 -112. I like all of these numbers honestly, Darrel gets enough carries to go over I think, especially if he can break even a 15 yarder to get us halfway there.
Mecole Hardman Over .5 Rushing Yards +290 DK
Hardman has one carry in each game of the playoffs, both going for more than a yard. That’s all we need! ONE. STINKING. YARD. Give my man the ball and me this cash!
Total Players with a rushing attempt Over 7.5 -167 PB
The Chiefs alone could give us 5 or 6 players towards this total and the Bucs will aid that with Fournette and Jones getting chances. Brady gives a tiny scramble or even a kneel somewhere and we’ll be sitting pretty!

Tyreek Hill Over 7.5 Receptions +130 DK
Hill is a machine, we all know this. He’s open all the time and a huge factor in the Chiefs defense moving the ball. 8 receptions seems like asking for a lot, but he can kill the Bucs across the middle with speed and they set up screens occasionally to get him in space.
Travis Kelce Over Receiving Yards 96.5 -115 WH 94.5 -141 DK
A little value on William Hill for a couple more yards, but Kelce has gone over 100 yards receiving in each postseason game, and in half of the regular season games as well. He’s huge, not only as a person but as an offensive monster.

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Hill/Kelce Anytime Score -162 WH -175 DK
These two obviously are always threats to score, maybe take a gamble on either one as a 1st TD scorer if that’s your jam!
Fournette/Kelce both to score +250 WH
I like this one a lot. As mentioned, Kelce is gonna get his, and if the Bucs get in close Fournette is always an option to power in from 5 or closer. Decent value for a couple of bucks thrown this way!
Longest TD Scored Under 46.5 -115 FD
I used to play these a lot, and haven’t in a while, but I like this line. It’s a hefty distance and there might be a few longer TDs but I’m guessing they sit in the 30-35 yard range. I don’t see anyone getting burnt too badly in the Super Bowl

Butker Over 7.5 Kicking Points -130 FD
You can get this for a point more on a few other books but I like this one. Couple TD’s with extra points and give me 2 FGs and we’re cashed!

Mahomes PA vs Lebron Pts/Reb/Assts (from Feb 6) Pick -110
Mahomes floats from 35-48 Pass Attempts in a game, I think Lebron can top that by combining all his stats. It’s Lebron for Pat’s Sake (see what I did there)
Shortest FG vs Giannis Antetokuonmpo pts (from Feb 6) Pick -110
This would be a ride for anyone willing to bet it but how much fun would this coaster be to ride?! Knowing Giannis’ points from Saturday, let’s say settle at 32 points and the Chiefs line up for a 30 yarder and all you can do is scream for a false start to back it up, HOOK IT INTO MY VEINS!
Total fumbles lost (-170) vs Mo Salah Goals (+150)
Hope for no fumbles and a Salah goal, I mean he’s Mo Salah.

HALFTIME SHOW BETS (all Bovada, all are ridiculous but I picked my favorites)
Will Kenny G be on stage during halftime? Yes (+275)/No (-450)
Will The Weeknd mention Donald Trump? Yes (+575)/No (-400)
Who will be shown first during the National Anthem? Mahomes (+120)/ Brady (-160)

Odds are a little different across the books, Orange seems to be the favorite as I believe it’s what Andy Reid had dumped on him last year. Red is always a close second so I think that’s worth a little sprinkle. I also like Clear/Water at around +700 a lot of places.

Happy prop hunting to everyone! Hit me up to let me know which ones you’re riding with or which ones you think I’m an absolute idiot for even considering! Have a wonderful Super Bowl Sunday, enjoy all the appetizers you can, even if you’re making yourself 5 different ones at home during quarantine!

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