April 17, 2024

Battles: Late night convos at TGS

Editor’s note when this link was dropped in the pop culture channel at TGS, I had no idea when I returned after watching a movie there would be 145 new messages. I am presenting them without edits. So, hope you enjoy the booze filled chaos. Also I linked to their Twitter bios so you can tell them how wrong they are — TF

Heemsbergen, Gerrit C

Arnoldthethird: For ME? It’s Crowe

Ted: Crowe

Vos: I think it has to be…makes me sad to say because I fucking love Gladiator, A beautiful Mind, and Cinderella Man.

jason_mitchell: No contest if we’re only talking movies. Crowe.

Vos: It was actually semi close between him and Cruise because the MI movies have never really done it for me.

Ohldewankenobi: If we’re basing it on movies they’re in – it’s Crowe

If we’re just basing it on actors themselves – it’s Cruise in a landslide

Chris: Unpopular opinion but other than Batman what has Bale done that is so memorable?

Maybe Empire of the Sun

Vos: American Psycho, Ford vs Ferrari,  The Fighter. Those are my big ones for him besides the Trilogy. Theres also The Machinist and The Prestige that others might say? (edited)

Arnoldthethird: Eyes Wide Shut broke Cruise buddy was never the same

That and magnolia drop the same year (even though EWS took like 4 years to shoot) then a hard pivot into the action shit

Spencerhughes: Crowe is easy call

Then we don’t have his atrocious Javert in Les Mis

Bale was very good in Big Short

Aaron: Pitt

Tim: I’m voting Cruise. I know everyone loved him in Tropic Thunder but I just thought it was cheap. Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind and The Insider showed way more range than Cruise

Pitt and Bale are untouchable in my opinion

Aaron: Maybe I’m missing it but what movies has Pitt done that you just cant imagine not seeing again?

Tim: Snatch


Inglorious Basterds

Aaron: Eh.  The last one is the only one I could argue for.  Snatch and Seven are good but I’ve only seen them once and don’t really care about them.

Tim: Watch Snatch again

Aaron: And I watch Inglorious Bastards for Waltz.

Tim: Tennessee?



Bad joke.


Ted Flint | The Tailgate Society

Tim: Yeah. Terrible. But I’ll own it

Vos: The Oceans movies

Moneyball, Fury

Ohldewankenobi: Once Upon a time…

Vos: Havent seen that yet, but I need to.

Ohldewankenobi: 12 monkeys

Burn after reading

Tim: Cruise is the only one without an Oscar.

Ohldewankenobi: Fight club

I couldn’t care less about Cruise outside of the MIP movies

Vos: Is he really? lol

Ohldewankenobi: He’s not a good actor objectively

Vos: Thats funny Jake I don’t care about the MIP movies but didnt rank him last

I also cant think of a single movie that Im like “damn he was a really fantastic actor in that movie”

Ted Flint | The Tailgate Society

Tim: I loved Top Gun as a kid but began to sour on him around Days of Thunder. Gritting your teeth and squinting isn’t acting.

Vos: I love Days of Thunder and him in it lol

Ohldewankenobi: He’s in some decent movies but I don’t think they’re much different with someone else in his role (if that makes sense)

Tim: 100%

Vos: Yeah I feel that.

Ohldewankenobi: He almost ruined A Few Good Men for me

Tim: Oh, he was the worst part of that movie

Arnoldthethird: Cruise nominated for Best Actor for Born on the Fourth of July

Tim: Nominated. Did not win

Vos: Hmmm okay so y’all are interpreting the question as the person just gets replaced and the movie exists

Arnoldthethird: Supporting actor for Magnolia

Tim: Again, nominated. Did not win.

Vos: If we are saying the movies still get made and the actor is replaced….it’s Cruise by a mile for me.

Arnoldthethird: I’m just saying they’re accolades lol I know he didn’t win

Still great in those films

Tim: You know how they say Trump isn’t really a rich man rather he’s like what a poor man imagines a rich man is like? Cruise is like what a bad actor imagines a good actor is like.

Arnoldthethird: Great in Minority Report and Collateral

Ohldewankenobi: This is how I’m choosing to look at it


If we are saying the movies still get made and the actor is replaced….it’s Cruise by a mile for me.”

Tim: Tom Cruise always looks, behaves, sounds like Tom Cruise. The other 3 have make complete transformations

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