May 21, 2024

Bitter Units: A Beer Podcast 1.03: Sipping Sierra Nevadas with Ted Flint

Aaron Wall, a beer dummy, JT Nutt, a beer novice, and Tim Johnson, a beer expert, discuss beer. In this episode, they are also joined by The Tailgate Society’s Ted Flint. They discuss overrated superhero movies and where they wish they were instead of inside their homes. For the beer, they’re drinking Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, but Ted’s probably drinking more than just that. Cheers!

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Aaron Wall 28 Articles
Aaron is an Iowa State graduate in Exercise and Sports Science. A published poet and once told by the dean of Iowa State's Liberal Arts college to pursue creative writing, he is still probably the least qualified contributor at The Tailgate Society. With less than 100 followers on twitter and no insta, snap, or tick tock you can probably guess that he is ancient. Also a certified curmudgeon by his wife.

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