June 15, 2024

Too Early 2020 Wyoming Football Predictions.

Wyoming is blessedly going to a bowl game, the Arizona Bowl on Tuesday, Dec. 31. While the Cowboys are bowl eligible for the third time in the last four years, a bowl this year doesn’t mean a bowl next year. Fortunately, it’s too early for any predictions for 2020, as it’s still bowl szn in 2019. No assumption about the Arizona bowls will be made, the focus here is the 2020 season for your University of Wyoming Cowboys. Grab the popcorn, next season is going to be a ride. The Pokes are going 10-2, as of December 2019.

Weber State at Wyoming

If you just asked yourself what Weber State is, you’re not alone. Weber State is located in Utah and will likely not be part of any CFB conversations next year. Not to knock Weber State, but people rarely care about the Wyoming Cowboys, so people without a stake in the game really won’t care about Weber State at Wyoming. And the saddest part of this all for Weber State fans is that they’ll travel to Laramie and walk away with a big L.

Wyoming at Louisiana

The Ragin’ Cajuns will be taking an L for Louisiana when the Cowboys come and snatch a W for Wyoming. Not sorry ’bout it.

Utah at Wyoming

A lava hot take for December is that Wyoming will send Utah back to SLC with an L, and I stand by it. The PAC12 pulled a PAC12 in the 2019 season and played itself, so it won’t be surprising when they do it again in 2020. Especially Utah with the way they choked against Oregon in the PAC12 championship game.

Wyoming at Ball State

Do you know what’s in Muncie, IN.? Ball State! Between now and Sep. 26, 2020, I will learn more about Ball State and Muncie to up my trash talk game. For now, all I can say is the Ball State Cardinals will be receiving an L from the Wyoming Cowboys.

And now…the “important” games for the Cowboys, Mountain West conference play!

Wyoming at Colorado State

The Rams just fired Mike Bobo and swiftly replaced him with Steve Addazio (I guess they decided they were done hiring SEC offensive coordinators to be head coach). Unfortunately if you’re a Rams fan, you’re going to write this off as a “rebuilding” year. Fortunately for the rest of the Mountain West, all the other teams will be making lamb chops out of the Rams. Wyoming will be walking out of Fort Collins with their fifth straight W in 2020.

Wyoming at Nevada

L O L Nevada. Wyoming will come through Reno and pick up yet another W.

Wyoming at UNLV

L O L O L O L UNLV. Nevada is at least going to the Idaho Potato Bowl this year. UNLV went 4-8 and probably isn’t about to be much better next year. Wyoming will leave Vegas and the state of Nevada will be renamed New Wyoming. Sorry, it’s just the rules.

Air Force at Wyoming

Air Force is very good this season and you really love to see it. I think they’ll be good again next year, so naturally they’ll challenge the Cowboys and probably walk out of Laramie with a W. Let’s move on.

Boise State at Wyoming

Boise State will win this game. Let’s move on.

San Diego State at Wyoming

Winter in Wyoming is actual hell. If you come to Laramie from San Diego, I feel bad for you fam, you’re about to take multiple Ls. The SDSU football team is no exception to this rule and they will be taking an L back to Cali.

Utah State at Wyoming

By the end of the season both Utah State and Wyoming are iffy because they’re tired and injured. Wyoming will win only because of home field advantage and greater mental toughness.

They’ll finish their 2020 season with 10 wins, but will miss the Mountain West championship game because Boise State will win the division. Both Wyoming and Boise State will go on to play in bowl games in the 2020 season. Book it.

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