June 25, 2024

College Football Week 12: Good Road Teams Cover

Every week I search through the numbers and stare at team stats and injuries looking for the good. Watching games and trying to figure out who is really good. Who has a great defense? Who is so good they can’t stop scoring if they tried? Who to bet on. Not this week. This week I’m not betting on anyone. I’m betting against teams. This week we find our winners by picking on the losers.

Wisconsin -14.5 at Nebraska: Nebraska fans are thanking every major deity that Rutgers exists or they may be the worst team in the Big 10 this season. The Huskers have a very real chance to lose their last three games and one of the names on that schedule is Maryland. They have been destroyed on the ground in league play by everyone. They can’t get any pressure on opposing quarterbacks. They can’t run effectively and give up sacks. The only thing they do well is score a lot against bad teams. Wisconsin isn’t bad.

TCU -3 at Texas Tech: Tech has given up 499 yards of offense or more in seven consecutive games and every game in Big 12 play. The Red Raiders top running back and wide receiver are both questionable Saturday and having players not at full strength against a TCU defense isn’t a good sign. Texas Tech gives up too many yards and too many points to keep up in this one.

Alabama -17.5 at Mississippi State: But Tua is a game-time decision and that’s a lot of points on the road and Alabama just cost me last week! Doesn’t matter. Mississippi State stinks. The only teams they’ve beaten in the SEC are Kentucky (who has a wide receiver playing quarterback) and Arkansas (who is Arkansas). Alabama can run the ball every down and win this game by three touchdowns against this shell of a defense. I hope Mac Jones plays instead of Tua just so he can show off. Do you really think the backup quarterback at Alabama is worse than anyone on this Bulldogs team?

Georgia -3 at Auburn: The fact that a freshman quarterback who completes 56% of his passes and has 12 touchdowns and 6 interceptions already has a legend is laughable. He completed one big pass and that wouldn’t have happened if the Oregon secondary hadn’t fallen asleep! The Auburn pass defense is eighth in the SEC. The Tigers have played two good teams this year and lost both of those games. Jake Fromm and Lawrence Cager are going to eat this secondary alive.

Virginia Tech -6 at Georgia Tech: Georgia Tech is trying to run a new offense with a bunch of guys recruited to run a triple option and they are not good at it. They’ve got a defense that is banged up and a quarterback who can’t complete a pass 50% of the time. They also can’t protect the quarterback and go against a team who likes to bring heat. The Hokies will run the ball down their throats at will and leave with an easy win.

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