April 17, 2024

The Proposal

We’ve all seen it, the sporting event proposal, the use of the alma mater as a venue for the wedding, the school fight song sung at the wedding reception, and/or some variation of all of these things. I would like to offer a rant for people to stop doing these things, but more specifically the sporting event proposal (oddly, this is my hill to die on). While I don’t like the other sports and wedding-related things, I find proposals at sporting events to be the actual worst.

First, questions that go through my head when I see a sporting event proposal. What if they say no? Also, why do you feel you should share this significant moment in both of your lives with a stadium full of people you don’t know? Does it feel like a big flex to get engaged in front of thousands of strangers? Do you think you’re being original asking someone to marry you at a sporting event? Do you not think it’s an overdone proposal? Why didn’t you ask them in an empty stadium, so that you still have the sport venue element but none of the random strangers? And most importantly, who told you it was okay to ask someone to spend their lives with you in this manner?

I’m sure you’re thinking to yourself “well, it’s super romantic.” Your proposal is one of the least romantic things people will see at a game. The chemistry between a QB and a WR is more romantic than your proposal. In fact, it’s one of the least romantic things people will witness in their lives because it doesn’t concern them, it concerns you and your potential fiancé. And let’s be real, the only reason you can somehow swing getting on the Dak board, is because the marketing manager for the organization was happy to have one less media timeout to plan for. Sounds super romantic, except it’s not. You’re literally a filler for the crowd during commercial breaks. You’re better than that. Your future fiancé is better than that. Plan a better proposal. Might I suggest still proposing in the stadium, but without all the fans who literally do not know you or your partner?

End rant.

Should you choose to propose to someone at a sporting event, just know I am judging you but I do wish you all the happiness with your partner. I hope they say yes because they genuinely want to and not because they feel the pressure from thousands of eyeballs looking at them. I hope your wedding is beautiful and your marriage lasts forever. Only good things do I want for you, but please please reconsider the sporting event proposal if you can.

Future partner, know that if you propose at a sporting event, I will say no.

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Emily Cornell
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Emily grew up in the great state of Colorado, then decided the University of Wyoming sounded like a good time. Since graduating, she has tried to figure out how not to become an adult. To fully commit to this, she’s a part-time cheesecake maker and a semi-pro adventurer. Sometimes she shares her unpopular opinions on sports and life, if this interests you, she can be found on Twitter and Instagram like a true millennial @emilproblems.

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