June 21, 2024

An Open Letter to Hawkeye Fans…

Lets all raise the bar a tad

CyHawk week has become dreadful for me.

I shouldn’t have to remind people, but under Matt Campbell, Iowa State has beaten:
#3 Oklahoma (in Norman)
#4 TCU
#6 West Virginia
#19 Memphis (in Memphis)
#25 Oklahoma State (in Stillwater)

Quite frankly, his only pronounced blemish is an 0-3 record against Iowa.

(Although it’s true that a few other turds do exist. Most notably KSU in 2017 and TCU in 2018)

Somehow, though, a narrative still exists that these programs don’t belong on the same field as each other. Are there that many Iowa fans that can’t see the truth?

Brock Purdy chooses Iowa State – AZ Central

At this point, Iowa State is getting quality recruits.

Heck, we’ve even sent players to the NFL in the last few years! Some of those players even played on winning teams at Iowa State! Don’t tell me you Hawkeye Bear fans don’t love seeing David on your sideline…

Travis Halm | The Tailgate Society CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – AUGUST 08: David Montgomery #32 of the Chicago Bears reacts after scoring a touchdown against the Carolina Panthers during a preseason game at Soldier Field on August 08, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images)

I could make excuses for the three losses to Iowa under Matt Campbell’s leadership, but this singular view of so many Iowa fans that these losses to Iowa mean the program is still garbage has really bugged me this week. It’s not because they’re trolls or losers, but because this line of thinking is just flat out stupid. I almost feel bad for them.

I mean, didn’t a young up-and-coming coach revitalize your program amidst a losing streak against their in-state rival? Is your memory that short?

Travis Halm | The Tailgate Society

Iowa State could go out and lose a hard fought game on to Iowa on Saturday, moving Campbell’s record to 0-4 vs Iowa…

…and yet Iowa State still belongs on the national Top 25 stage that the above wins have allowed us to finally be on.

Iowa State could win also win a hard fought game this Saturday, and the bus ride back home to Iowa City still won’t be a stinger for Iowa like 2007 or 2014.

I always allow people to wear (insert color) shaded glasses, but CyHawk week has shown some Iowa fans to have shades blacked out by sharpie ink, not capable of seeing anything. Do better. You’ve bitched too long about us not being a respectable program. That’s not the case any longer. Iowa State is finally respectable.

Unless… this game has become your Super Bowl.

Go Clones

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