July 15, 2024

Wyoming Football 2019 Thoughts

We’re so close to college football kicking off that talking about the upcoming season seems extremely appropriate. As a mediocre Wyoming Cowboys fan, I have some thoughts on how they’ll perform this season. I want to preface all of this with I’m making educated guesses. While I think the Cowboys should have a good season, sports are unpredictable and that’s why they’re fun.

Head Coach Craig Bohl will continue to put in work to build a dynasty at the University of Wyoming. With a solid defense and an offense that’s on the incline, the Wyoming Cowboys enter the 2019 season looking decent with plenty of potential to improve.

Missouri at Wyoming

I love the Wyoming Cowboys and would love to see them get the W here. Realistically, I anticipate the Pokes taking an L here (I hope I’m wrong). While Missouri isn’t as good as they have been in the past, they’re still power five. For whatever reason, Wyoming has been unsuccessful getting over the hump that is beating a power five team, even when Wyoming had a shot at winning. We’ll take the L and move on the following week in San Marcos, TX.

Wyoming at Texas State

After a tough start to the season, Wyoming should bounce back against the Bobcats. While the Bobcats have the home field advantage, I’m betting on the Pokes to come through with the W. Especially since the Bobcats had a record of 3-9 last season.

Idaho at Wyoming

Idaho comes into this season after a 4-7 season. They will begin this season with Penn State handing them a massive L. However, they like Wyoming, will follow up that starting loss with a match up against a team they should out play in Central Washington University. Both Idaho and Wyoming should come to this game feeling decent before Wyoming snatches another W.

Wyoming at Tulsa

Tulsa comes into this season after going 3-9 last year. Oddly, they kept the score fairly close in the match up against Texas last year, but something tells me that was before Texas started getting hot. The Pokes should roll out of the state of Oklahoma with one additional win after this game.

UNLV at Wyoming

UNLV finished last season 4-8 and is definitely not favored to finish well in the West Division of the Mountain West. UNLV should go back to Nevada taking the L back with them.

Wyoming at San Diego State

San Diego State will likely enter this match looking relatively strong. They finished last season 7-6 and went to a bowl game. This is a match up I see the Pokes dropping a W in San Diego.

New Mexico at Wyoming

I’m not saying New Mexico was bad last year, but I am saying they went 3-9 and lost to Wyoming 3-31 in the last game of the season. New Mexico is a basketball school anyway, so I’ll prematurely count this as a win for the Cowboys.

Nevada at Wyoming

Nevada will be a team that should be able to hold their own. However, they’re at a pretty big disadvantage playing at War Memorial in Laramie. Wyoming should pick up a W at home here.

Wyoming at Boise State

Again, I love Wyoming, but I think they’re going to drop this game against Boise State. In fact, I think Boise State is going to win the Mountain Division of the Mountain West. I’ve accepted this, so if Wyoming does end up winning the Mountain Division it will be a happy surprise!

Wyoming at Utah State

Utah State did very well last season. Their momentum likely won’t crap out going into this season. This should be an interesting game to watch and a more difficult game for Wyoming. Because Utah State was so dominant last year, I’m going to go ahead and count this one as a loss.

Colorado State at Wyoming

Word on the street is that it sucks to be a CSU Ram. Another team that went 3-9 last year and will probably trend that same way this season. Bias aside, Wyoming should win this game especially because it’s a home game. Fans will come in full force because of the CSU Wyoming rivalry and it being the last home game of the season. Wyoming fans, don’t go too hard at Breakfast at the Buck, kickoff isn’t even until 7:30pm – pace yourselves.

Wyoming at Air Force

While Air Force fared fairly well last season, by the end of the season they’re going to be tired, as will Wyoming. Air Force was favored to do better than Wyoming in preseason, but this game is kind of a toss up because of where it falls during the season. Wyoming will pull off the win, but barely.

Overall, I anticipate the Pokes going 8-4. I don’t think they’ll make an appearance in the Mountain West Championship because the Mountain Division is without a doubt tougher than the West Division.Boise State or Utah State will nab the Mountain spot, and that’s the way the world goes. Fortunately, Wyoming should be bowl eligible, assuming they don’t get snubbed again…

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