July 15, 2024

Let’s Celebrate Charlie Blackmon

Charlie Blackmon needs to be celebrated.

Charlie Blackmon celebrating his own achievements.

Charlie Blackmon of the Colorado Rockies is one of the best guys in Major League Baseball, and he finally got a hit in an All-Star game.

It wasn’t just a Texas Leaguer either. He got his money’s worth.


Before his bomb on Tuesday night, he had been 0-8 in his three previous All-Star appearances. I guess the ninth at-bat is the charm…? Most people will still believe that he’s never had a hit outside of Coors Field, but haters gonna hate.

Ignoring home/road splits, Charlie Blackmon flat out rakes, and he also has one of the nastiest most amazing beards in all of professional sports.

He’s essentially the James Harden of MLB. You can debate whether or not playing at Coors Field or Harden’s step-back is an unfair advantage, but they both capitalize immensely on their respective gifts. Likewise, they also didn’t realize their full potential until their beards were fully grown out.

You have to admire his patriotic spirit. Fourth of July was last week, and he wanted to keep the vibe alive, even on July 10th.

He also drives the same 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo that he’s had since high school. He inked a $100 million deal in 2018, and he said that it meant his car could get a tire upgrade.

His loyalty isn’t limited to his ride. Blackmon has been rolling up to the plate accompanied by The Outfield’s jam “Your Love” since he was in college at Georgia Tech.

In addition to his All-Star game fireworks, Blackmon has been giving pitchers headaches during the regular season, too. He’s leading the National League in triples with 7 to go with his 20 round-trippers on the year.

If the Rockies are going to make another NL Wild Card push, Blackmon will be setting the table with fellow All-Stars Nolan Arenado, Trevor Story, and David Dahl behind him. The Rockies are currently 2.5 games back in the Wild Card standings, and the Dodgers are so far ahead of the rest of the NL West that the pitching staff would need to get hooked on beer, fried chicken, and video games to squander their lead.

The good times should keep rolling for Blackmon though. It’s his bobblehead day on Sunday against the Cincinnati Reds, and it may just be the SportsCenter editing, but everyone seems to go yard on their bobblehead day.

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