July 15, 2024

Face App: What a time to be Alive!

Some early returns on the phenomena taking social media by storm

The latest phenomena in social media and online apps is the FaceApp. Its security and privacy issues aside, it has created a buzz across the world that has provided many laughs and grimaces.

I think college football fans everywhere will grimace if this Nick Saban wins his 20th National Championship.

The University of Texas is hoping to make a return to the Big 12 Title game in 2019. Unfortunately I think the wait is getting to them. Is that Texas QB Sam Ehlinger or is that some oil executive hanging around the Texas Exes tailgate before a game?

For some people, Face App can just be mean. Sorry Ted


Sorry Joe! (not really)

College basketball coaches vary in their degrees of aging gracefully, or… by remaining the exact same way they are today, just with more wrinkles.


Apparently drinking in moderation helps the aging process though…


Some people will just always look good


The president obviously cannot defer from this online service

Female Bill Snyder makes me hungry for cookies, and I’m sure she bakes them deliciously!

NBC’s Chuck Todd when he realizes it isn’t Sunday, so it isn’t Meet the Press.

I’m not sure which year this is for Tom Brady, but I assume he won’t look this old until 2079


Some 2020 candidates can go in either direction on the aging spectrum

The Philadelphia Inquirer is not optimistic about Bryce Harper handling the pressure of his new contract very well…

Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

These Cardinals won’t let age stop them!

Scott Frost channeling his inner Osborne

Poor Mitch


Beating the Bears never gets old for Aaron Rodgers

I feel like North Dakota State needed a shoutout… and I’m sure they will still see him as a God when he’s this old too!

Maybe someday we’ll have a female pope?

New K-State Head Coach Chris Klieman is ready to suit up against the Union for Tennessee

Travis Halm | The Tailgate Society

At least Rachel will age gracefully…


And Hannity, well….

And to finish… these college football coaches can get you ready for football season.

Whether fun or creepy; sexier or (well, not so) attractive… we hope you have enjoyed the Face App phenomena, and hope Russia doesn’t use these to our disadvantage too heavily.

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