April 18, 2024

Mt. Rushmore Week: Current NHL Jerseys

Adidas took over the jerseys for the NHL and has done a fantastic job. There were no alternate jersey’s the first year but since then, a number of teams have unleashed some great alternate or third color jerseys. The Jets cursive script is nowhere near as cool as their normal logo but the color of blue is SICK in person. Some jerseys look terrible in pics but look great in person, such as the Illuminati inspired jerseys for the Avalanche dubbed the Avluminati by many. It looks like a child’s pilgrim outfit online but in person, it really pops. Calgary’s sweaters are sweet and nearly made the list but the sleeves suck so they lost out. Here are your winners for CURRENT NHL Jerseys



St. Louis Blues

Same logo they’ve had for years but that shade of blue is sweet. It looks great in person. It’s nearly as good as the powder blue of the SAN DIEGO Chargers. But nothing can touch that. That being said, it’s simple, it’s clean, and keeps with the traditions of the old school Blues jerseys that haven’t changed much in decades because they don’t need to. Congrats on your cup and saving the world from another Championship Parade in Boston for the rest of the planet to projectile vomit at. Oh, and “Gloria” is a terrible song.



Winnipeg Jets

I do LOVE the color on the alternates but man, look at the logo. That might be the best logo in sports. The fighter jet on the maple leaf. It’s cool, it’s simple, it works. Not a huge fan of the stripes on the sleeves but we’re splitting hairs here. It’s just an awesome logo with great colors and it’s one of the best.

avs mac


(Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

Colorado Avalanche

Of all of the non-alternate jerseys, the burgundy and blue one stands out. The maroon has always been there for the Avs but this version of the blue really stands out. The white ones are meh, and the alternate jerseys look way better in person than on the internet but the main maroon ones were nice enough you didn’t need a third color jersey. I miss the Blue Berries of the past but man, these are sweet. And the old school A logo is far far better than the C logo they were using. I wish they would bring back the Yeti foot though.



Carolina Hurricanes

So good it could take up all four spots. But that would be boring. THE alternate jersey and the best looking sweater in all of hockey. The hurricane warning flag is badass. The colors are awesome. And it’s unique. Incorporating a hockey stick into a logo is always a challenge and an added bonus for designing a hockey sweater weather it be beer league or the NHL. Carolina had as much fun on the ice as they did with this sweater. What a bunch of jerks.

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