May 25, 2024

Tailgate Society Christmas Memories

Christmas may be my favorite holiday of the year. I would rival it right up against Thanksgiving. (Sorry, Ted) Food, family and booze. Just can’t beat it. This time of the year just has that warm and fuzzy feel too it and the Christmas goodies just simply are the best. So, I thought it may be a good idea to ask some of our writers what their favorite Christmas memories were.

I know that Christmas is about a week away and most of your shopping is probably already finished, but I think sometimes we forget that Christmas isn’t always about the gifts. It’s about making memories and spending time with those you love and that is the beauty of it. So let’s see what some of our writers had to say about their Christmas memories.

Ted Flint

I am sure that some people are going write very fun memories about doing stuff with their family. While I have tons of fun Christmas memories from my family, one thing that always sticks out for me when thinking about Christmas is how every year two of my best friends and I watch either Die Hard or Die Hard 2. We no longer live in the same town so we sync up our blu-rays and hit play and boom.  So for 2.5 hours each Christmas eve we boot up our 3 person G-chat and talk about Die Hard among other things. They say the best traditions can’t be forced and this is one that came along organically and I wouldn’t change it for the world. And yes Die Hard is a Christmas movie.

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Tom Danielson

My family’s Swedish heritage runs deep. Each Christmas meal consisted of Swedish staples like meatballs, ostakaka with lingonberries and lutefisk. After the main course and before the ostakaka was served, my grandfather always led a spirited cheer of “Ostakaka, ostakaka, ha-ha-ha. Lutefisk, lutefisk, rah-rah-rah.”

Us kids, being a generation removed from the ‘Super Swedes’ always participated a little bashfully – awkwardly mouthing the words while the adults boisterously shouted in sync.

The first Christmas after my grandfather passed, was a solemn affair, and we were left after dinner wondering who would rally the troops to lead the cheer. My uncle began by saying a few words in solemn remembrance, and in near unison, all three of my grandfather’s children began a rousing rendition of the cheer through their tears.

It was probably the first time all of us grandkids heartily participated as my grandfather had always wanted. This is my fondest Christmas memory, as it reinforced that whatever your reason for the season may be, it is to be celebrated amongst those you love with all the festive spirit you have.

J.T. Nutt

I remember getting a NES as a kid. We played the hell out of Duck Hunt. It would lead to days spent playing Guerrilla War and Contra – and start my love for video games.

I also remember in high school my buddy and I were going to start a band. We were OBSESSED with Radiohead. There was a Fender Rhodes Electric Piano at Last Chance Guitars. Went to go by it. It was sold. I was devastated. Then my family gives it to me on Christmas. The guy at the shop said it was so hard to keep it a secret.

Mostly, I remember the good food and Manheim Steamroller. We also watch Christmas Vacation and Planes, Trains, & Automobiles every year. It’s silly, but I love it.

Jared Smith

I’m 37 years old so I’ve got a lot of special Christmas moments and memories to choose from, and we also have four kids, so all of the BEST Christmas moments involve them From the first one with our twin daughters to the first Christmas with all four of our kids, but I won’t go there for this one.

Instead I’ll give you my favorite one from my childhood. That HAS to be 1994! The year when my younger brothers and I got a Sega and Joe Montana’s football – groundbreaking technology in those days. We played the hell out of that sonofabitch! My parents instantly regretted that shit.

Overall that was probably our best Xmas ever as far as presents go. That was also the same year my younger brother got a gas powered remote control airplane and we crashed that motherfucker on the maiden flight! That was funny shit! Anyways there ya go guys, 1994 was a great Christmas year in the Smith household! Have a merry Christmas.

Jacqueline Cordova 

My favorite Christmas memories: As someone who grew up in Las Vegas, Christmas never truly felt like Christmas until I was in Iowa and I experienced my first white Christmas. It was extra special to finally know what it was like to have that after growing up watching tons of holiday movies that are all predominantly placed in snowy places. It just doesn’t feel like Christmas anymore until the snow starts falling and compliments all the holiday decor.

Matthias Schwartzkopf

I think I will tell a most recent memorable memory. My wife and I had just started dating a few months back and her family always celebrates on Christmas Eve. I went over there for the night and did all their stuff. Went back home that night (only a 45 minute drive), and then she was going to come over for Christmas Day.

Now it seemed as if her travels that morning had been taking a bit longer than they should have and my mom asks “Where is she?” seconds later my phone is ringing and she had been in a car accident and totaled her car about 15 minutes away. Thankfully everyone was OK and we went to get her so she could still celebrate a little bit and that was the day we I knew her driving skills were sub-par.

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