June 25, 2024

Shawntez’s Tailgate Drink Menu – Week 6

We’ve made it to week 6 so we’re starting down the midway point of the season. The momentum of conference play is beginning to build and now we’re seeing what teams are really made of. Last week, Miami beat down UNC 47-10 while only running 46 plays. Simply stunning. Clemson snuck out a W against Syracuse and OSU-PSU lived up to the hype, in a way. Mainly, Notre Dame might be for real (this is my jinx). But enough of the past, lets look ahead!

Cranberry Margarita

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! You can probably sleep in. The morning lineup is a giant pile of trash. Your best bets for possible fun is Illinois-Rutgers and Syracuse-Pitt (if you get ACC Network for some reason). Alabama is facing their smallest spread of the last 3 weeks as they head to Fayetteville and are only favored to beat Arkansas by a measly 5 TD’s. WVU hosts Kansas and thats simply this week’s LOL game. Sure, there’s the Red River Rivalry, but do we really think Texas is gonna show up for this?

What You’ll Need: Silver tequila, Grand Marnier, Cranberry juice

Fill your finest party cup with ice and then mix in 2 parts silver tequila and 1 part Grand Marnier. Top off with cranberry juice and garnish with an orange (Go ‘Cuse!) for a little extra kick of fresh citrus.



The afternoon certainly picks up, especially for us in the state of Iowa. ISU heads to Stillwater, Iowa heads up north to take on our friend PJ Fleck. (Big fan of Minnesota’s stadium) LSU is about to head to The Swamp and this is important because Florida is back in the rankings folks! Colorado hosts the Fightin’ Herm Edwards and thats just a big ol’ recipe for entertainment.

What You’ll Need: Three Olives Loopy, lemonade, grenadine

In your gameday goblet, get a nice helping of ice. Add in equal parts of Three Olives Loopy (it’s the Fruit Loops flavored vodka, who doesn’t want this?!) and lemonade. Top off with lemonade and use some more of that orange from earlier for a little garnish.


Cuba Libre

The night is kind of a bummer. Not nearly as bad as the morning slate, but it’s not great. Kentucky is going to win the SEC and a stop in College Station at 6 is just a small hurdle. Notre Dame visits the Hokies and somehow Virginia Tech is still ranked (shoutout ODU). Stanford hosts Utah who is getting impressively good at finding ways to lose football games. Avoid Nebraska at Wisconsin at all costs. Please. If you’re a Nebraska fan, just regard this as a bye week and as far as you know, they don’t even play.

What You’ll Need: Rum, Cola, 1 lime

A classic drink that really needs no introduction. A fresh twist on a college favorite for everyone combines equal parts of your favorite rum and your favorite cola. The trick here is the lime. You want the juice of a full lime, if you’re feeling super exotic, muddle half the lime rind with the juice to extract the oils. Then simply fill with ice and combine the rum/cola mixture from above!



As I mentioned above, it pains me to look at a world with a successful Notre Dame. It pains me even more they’ll most likely obtain a win over a ranked team this week. So, we’ll at least salute them and hopefully not have to speak of them for the last half of the season. Irish Catholic shots aren’t something that’s going to immediately knock you off your feet, but be careful, they’ll catch you off guard (make whatever inappropriate joke you want here, I’m not going to do it). It’s a simple mixture of 3 parts Jameson and 1 part amaretto and makes for a delightfully smooth quick hit.


That’s all we’ve got for this week! It might be slow but sometimes those games can create the best moments. I hope everyone’s favorite team wins, and above all, stay safe and stay hydrated. I hope everyone gets a chance to enjoy something from above and we’ll catch you all right back here next week!

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