July 15, 2024

Shawntez’s Tailgate Drink Menu – Week 3

I would like to lead this off with a formal apology for missing week 2. I promise it won’t happen again, but from here there’s no option but to move up and move on. That being said, we’re losing a few games this weekend and moving a few more up because of the beat down the East Coast is about to take over the weekend. I hope everyone out there stays safe and possibly enjoys a drink to calm the nerves. On that note, let’s dive on in!

Ocean Breeze

This is a kickoff to the weekend that will go down smooth but also get everyone ready to go. The early schedule of games features a few fun matchups. As a Cyclone fan, I have to bring up Iowa State looking to beat Oklahoma in back-to-back years since 1960-61. And to piggyback on the people crying foul about ISU picking up a 12th game against Incarnate Word, Clemson takes on Georgia Southern and Georgia faces big bad Middle Tennessee State to close out their tough non-cons. But I digress, here’s to my East Coast folks

What You’ll Need: Vodka, Blue Curacao, Lemonade

In your tailgating cup of choice, fill with ice. Add a double shot of vodka, a healthy splash of  blue curacao and then top it all off with lemonade to help cool down and relax!

Wild Card

The afternoon slate of games is an absolute doozy. Strap yourself to that couch and hold on for dear life because there’s gonna be a lot of offense flying around the fields from South Bend to Stillwater to Ann Arbor. A lot of ranked teams go head-to-head while a few others host high power unranked teams and it should be a whole bucket of fun. There won’t a ton of time to pour a fresh drink between drinks so we’re going to keep it simple, but exciting on this one.

What You’ll Need: A lineup of liquor bottles, a lineup of mixers, 1 straw

Here’s the rules. You throw a straw towards the liquor bottles. That’s the base of your drink. Now throw the straw towards your mixers. This is now the filler for your drink. Shit’s gonna get wild and this is the best way to handle it (I think?)

Dark and Stormy

To make both coasts feel at home, we’re starting #Pac12AfterDark while a hurricane hits the other side of the country and so it feels kind of right, but also a bit wrong. Washington hosts Utah, which gives the Huskies a chance to flex on the world or let everyone down again. Shortly before that, TCU and OSU take on each other to prove who’s superior in the B1G vs. Big XII fight (even though we know Rutgers @ Kansas actually proves this). The biggest fight is the recent “BATTLE OF WHO’S BACK” between Texas and USC. Let’s hope they both lose.

What You’ll Need: Dark rum, ginger beer, mule cup

In your tailgating mule cup (the fake copper cup is a sham btw), fill with ice. Add a double shot of dark rum and top off with ginger beer. Garnish with a lime wedge for appeal and a touch of flavor.


This week we’re featuring the Snake Bite! We’re staring down the point of the year where your team is fighting up the ranks or you can feel the pressure and venom being injected into your season. From here on out you can find an anti-venom, but its now or never.

What you’ll need: Yukon Jack, Lime

Pour 1/2 shot of Yukon Jack and 1/2 shot lime juice in a shot glass, and pray.

This week should be a ton of fun for almost everyone involved.  A few kick-off conference play, a few more have already played one, the other few are closing out non-con. This is the end of weird, fun, stress-free college football for most of us. Everything gets real going forward so lets have all the fun and strap in for the hard parts next week!

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