April 18, 2024

I am an NFL Nomad.

Earlier this summer I decided that I was going to be looking for a new team to follow, after I decided that was done rooting for the Dolphins. Out of laziness and lack of any team catching my interest, I never did pick a new team. So I was like, “Well I can just stay a Dolphins fan.” While I did watch some of their 36 hour game against the Titans yesterday (which they won), it didn’t really excite me. It was during the Green Bay vs. Chicago game last night that it dawned on me what I needed to do. So I have become a NFL Nomad fan.

This means I have no favorite team. I will follow my fantasy players of course, but from now on I am going to be a wanderer. I am going to seek out the games which will vary from week to week that interest me. If I want to watch the glorious train wreck that is a tie between the Brown and Steelers, I will. If I start watching the human highlight reel that is Tyreek Hill (whom I own in multiple fantasy teams), I will. This might just be for this season. Maybe while I am wandering around the NFL landscape in my new Nikes I will find a new team I love, or maybe the Dolphins will suck me back in. But for the time being, I am an NFL Nomad. Wandering the NFL landscape for the most fun game to watch that weekend.

Except the Patriots. FUCK THEM, I hope they lose every single game they play.


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