July 15, 2024

WYMAT: Let’s Talk About Accountability

In honor of college football starting back up, of course we start the 2018 season with a scandal. And not just any scandal, my friends. This scandal involves the man who has stolen the hearts of Buckeye fans everywhere, Urban Meyer. As it turns out, he too needs to be held accountable for his actions.

Urban Meyer

My dude, how are you gonna cover up domestic violence and then be apathetic towards the victim as the head coach of a prominent football program in the United States in 2018? My dude did just that, yet he will only experience a three game suspension this season…

Sports world is a weird world, folks. The rules created and enforced by the NCAA are arbitrary and organized to benefit the NCAA. This means, schools that generate a lot of money for the NCAA will likely face light punishment. Exhibit A: Ohio State football. Of course, I do not think the team deserves any punishment, as they did not beat their wife or hide the fact that someone they supervised was beating their wife. Urban Meyer is a great coach, Urban Meyer should have tried harder to be great human when it came to Zach Smith’s domestic violence issues. Urban Meyer should have tried harder to be great human when it came to all the press coverage in the last three weeks by being sincerely sorry. Urban Meyer’s coaching reputation is now tarnished because he did not do the right thing (Spike Lee literally made a movie that tells people how to live life, Do the Right Thing).

I could go on and on about the various issues that accompany the Urban Meyer debacle, but it’s not the time or place. Ultimately, this is what should maybe make y’all mad today, the fact that Urban Meyer wasn’t fully truthful about Zach Smith.

Pope in Ireland

While this isn’t quite what people are mad about in the great U S of A, we can actually read news that comes from outside of our country (shocking, I know). The Irish aren’t quite mad that the Pope is coming for a visit, but they sure do carry some animosity towards the Catholic Church. If this comes as a shock, maybe revisit some of the wrongdoings of the Church in the last few hundred or so years? From priests molesting children to nuns dishing out abusive punishments, the Catholic Church does not really have clean hands throughout history. I’m sure God forgives them of their sins, but the liberal Irish Catholics not so much. There will be a rally organized by a survivor of clerical abuse for solidarity during the Pope’s visit.

Catsuit Ban

The French Open folks banned catsuits like the one Serena Williams wore. Because god forbid some progress is made in what women can wearing during sports competition. As a very casual tennis observer (more casual than that relationship you had with the person who lived in your dorm freshman year), I don’t quite understand the ban, so I can’t say too much about it. However, I have eyes and it appears that tennis people are back on their bullshit of being passive aggressive towards Queen Serena. That is actually the cause for frustration here. Again, I’m just a casual tennis observer, but if the banning of the catsuit made headlines on NPR (yes, that’s my news outlet of choice, make your assumptions, they’re probably correct), then there’s probably something significant about the ban. Especially since Serena was wearing the suit to help with blood circulation. Look further into this ban, determine if it irks you slightly also. My internal alarm is saying *warning* because probably some old white men are making these decisions…

Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems
As a tax paying American, I’m seething at the idea of tax dollars being used to arm teachers before using that money to actually make schools better. I understand, security is an issue, and gun control is another topic I could off about. Right now, I’m choosing to be mad about the fact that policy makers seem to give more cares about giving people guns than educating young Americans, especially in Texas and Oklahoma. This is where I am especially disappointed in my new home of Texas. Beto, FIX THIS.

Of course, I am concerned about the safety of people in schools. I would be a heartless individual if public safety was not an issue to me. That being said, money set aside for public schools should probably go into making them better from an education standpoint. Especially since apparently they do not receive adequate funding. Maybe set aside money that we use for public safety to help with the PUBLIC SAFETY in schools? Or maybe politicians could take two seconds to stop filling in their own pockets to maybe care about the constituents they represent and advocate for better funding for education and safety for kids in schools. BUT WHAT DO I KNOW, I’M JUST A MILLENNIAL! End rant.

Moral of the story, you need to pay attention to what people in positions of power are advocating for because if you keep your head in the sand, you’re going to be more upset. We have representatives for a reason, utilize them and demand for your voice to be heard.

If the idea of arming teachers with guns funded by tax dollars does not make you upset, ignore this section and read on. I’m trying to appeal to a variety of folks and what they’re mad about today.

Bills Haters

I admit, I am biased about this topic because I’m a lifelong Bills fans (okay, not really) and it really gets my goat when people talk about the Bills like they’re a team of scrubs who won’t win many games. Save that trash talk for the Browns, you leave my Bills alone! Specifically, leave Josh Allen alone. As a lifelong Wyoming Cowboys fan (okay, like 8 years of my life) I am very much in support of Allen playing his little heart out for the Bills. This is my one topic of debate to lighten things up. Despite the all the crazy things going on in politics, sports, and the world, at least we’re about to get all the way into NFL season!

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