July 15, 2024

Shawntez’s Tailgate Drink Menu – Week 1

Ladies and gentlemen, we are back! College football is here to grace us with its beautiful presence yet again. I had so much fun doing these last year, I thought we’d go on another adventure together. I know a lot of you are rearing and ready to go, so I won’t waste too much time on an intro. Let’s dive into the good stuff!

Irish Coffee

The season is opening up and a lot of tailgating is going to be happening bright and early on Saturday morning. This is the best way to put some pep in your step and get ready for kickoff. It’ll be fun to see if we can get an early season “TEXAS IS BACK!” take if they can avenge their loss to Maryland from last season. Ohio State runs out early Saturday morning without Urban Meyer after that nasty debacle, and a Clemson student is starting at QB against Clemson!

What You’ll Need: Coffee, Irish Whiskey, cream (if you’re really feeling it, Irish cream)

In your designated coffee cup or Thermos, fill about 3/4 full with your favorite black coffee (or any black coffee because we’re gonna burn this bad boy). Next, add in a shot (heck make it 2 shots) of Irish whiskey. Top it off with a dash of your favorite coffee cream or an extra shot of Irish cream for that perfect buzz!

Kissed Apple Cider

The afternoon games feature a few games that should be pretty interesting. After the absolute nightmare of a coaching search in Knoxville, the product Tennessee brings to a football field might be beautifully disastrous. Most of the eyes will be on the top-ten showdown between Washington and Auburn. Both teams have very high expectations for this season, so starting the season off with a huge “W” will provide a great kickstart for someone.

What You’ll Need: Smirnoff Kissed Caramel vodka, spiced apple cider

Fill your finest tailgating cup full of ice. From there, simply combine equal parts vodka and equal parts cider. Give it a brisk stir and enjoy!

Cherry Beer Margarita

Saturday night, Sunday night ,and Monday night all bring a ton of excitement for the college football world. Michigan and Notre Dame go head-to-head on Saturday to see which team is immediately going to underwhelm us this season. Louisville takes on Alabama down in Orlando where Saban and crew probably win by 1,000,000.

Sunday brings Miami and LSU to JerryWorld for a  a glimpse at full time Coach O and what he’s bringing to Baton Rouge.

Monday features a Top-20 ACC showdown when Virginia Tech takes on a Florida State team that’s looking for total redemption after the tragedy that was the 2017 season. All in all, there’s plenty to watch, so we’re making drinks by the pitcher this time around!

What You’ll Need: 1 can limeade concentrate, 12 oz. Cherry 7-Up, 1 bottle of beer (something light works great), 12 oz. of tequila

This is easy as can be. Simply grab a large pitcher and pour everything in. From there, stir lightly and serve over ice! For a little extra pizzazz, you can rim your glass with salt and garnish with fresh lime and a cherry.


Shawn Fensterman | The Tailgate Society

We’re going a bit extreme this year. Last season, I listed a new beer for each week. While that was fun and I discovered a lot of new and interesting beers in my searches, at some point you reach the end of the road. So I’m switching gears onto something I know quite well, and that’s more liquor! I’m going to start this season off with something simple so that we don’t get too far over our heads just quite yet. Chocolate Cake shots are simple as can be and go down unbelievable smooth. Simply mix together a half shot of Frangelico and half shot of vanilla liqueur in a shaker and give a few quick shakes to chill the drink. Strain into a shot glass and serve with  sugarcoated lemon. Shoot and follow with a bite down on the lemon.


That’s my rundown for everyone in Week 1. I hope you enjoyed everything and are ready for another wild college football season. Until next week, have a great time tailgating, stay hydrated, and always be safe!


Below is listed the final tailgate menu from last season, which includes links to all previous menus:

Championship Week Menu

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