July 15, 2024

Aw Shucks: “The Bachelorette” Power Rankings – Episode #6

This week brings us to exotic Richmond, Virginia, where Chris continues to play the victim card, Colton keeps on bullshitting, and two previous sleepers make waves.  I gotta give it to this season; unlike others, I have no freaking idea how this thing is ending or which way Becca is leaning.  We are down to six guys, and if the traditional format holds, we have only three episodes to go until the finale.  Buckle up.

1. Jason 
(previously ranked #3):  Last week I said if Jason got a 1-on-1 this week that you could sharpie him in for a hometown.  Check.  After emotional discussions about grandmas and dads, Jason admitted he could see himself proposing to Becca at the end of this, and Becca said she could see herself saying “yes” to a proposal from Jason.  She is so clearly attracted to him on both a physical and personal level.  I will be floored if he isn’t in the Final 4 come next Monday night.  For a guy who didn’t even get a group date Week #1, Jason is suddenly unstoppable.

2. Garrett (#2):  Garrett handled having his alone time with Becca put on hold like a true gentleman and took advantage when he did get the time.  Gun to my head, I think Garrett wins this entire thing.

3. Leo (#6): WHY are we just now getting screen time of Leo?  In probably the biggest, “wait, what?” moment of the season, Leo gets a 1-on-1 date with Becca and we finally get to see what has kept him around this long.   This guy is caring and genuine as f*ck.  Unfortunately, I foresee him getting a “you’re wonderful but our relationship is a bit behind the other guys” speech next week.

4. Colton (NR):  I sent Colton home two weeks ago when a spoiler confirmed he’s obviously not the winner.  I think he ends up with a hometown date after getting the group date rose this week, so I probably need to acknowledge his existence.   Don’t get me wrong. I still think he’s full of shit and imagines Tia’s face whenever he’s talking to or macking on Becca.

5. Blake (#1):  It physically pains me to put Blake this low, but he was non-existent on this episode.   There’s no way he misses a hometown, though. He’s the only other one I can see winning this whole thing after Garrett.

#6. Wills (#4):  I can’t shake the feeling that Wills is going to get heartbroken.  He dropped the “L” word this week, and, while Becca dug it, it wasn’t the reaction we’ve come to know from Becca when she’s feeling the same.  I think Wills misses hometowns and is Becca’s first tear-inducing goodbye.

The Final 6 Becca Kufrin - Instagram

 So my hometown picks are Jason, Colton, Blake, and Garrett.  While I think Garrett and Blake are the most likely to be the last man standing, I don’t think they will be the two men in the finale.   I think it will be one of them with either Jason or Colton, making the finale painfully predictable.  The only hard prediction will be guessing the next Bachelor?  If they don’t win, I think the nod will go to Blake, Jason, or Wills.

Wait, so who went home?
See you in Paradise, Chris & Connor.  I can’t even begin to explain the avalanche that was Chris.  Sadly, Connor did not have the big week I feared he needed to stay relevant.

While you probably didn’t notice, Lincoln also went home.  The producers did not even give him the dignity of a goodbye piece.

Next week: Off to the Bahamas!  That’s got to be better than getting your heart broke in Richmond, Virginia. Right?

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