July 26, 2021

What Happened in Vegas: “The Bachelorette” Power Rankings – Episode #5

This week’s episode was all about Jordan & David’s 2-on-1 date and a “Jekyll & Hyde” Chris that can’t decide if he’s the most confident man on the planet or the most insecure.  We learned very little about anyone else’s relationship with Becca and ultimately said goodbye to three, leaving us in the single digits with nine men still standing.



1-on-1: Colton

2-on-1: Jordan & David

Group Date: Everyone else

Vying for that Hometown:

  1.  Blake (previously ranked #2): In what seemed like the only non-Jordan/David/Chris scene of the night, Blake admitted he was falling in love with Becca and Becca admitted (to the camera anyways) that she had been falling for him since the very beginning as well.
  2.  Garrett (#1):  He’d still be #1 if Blake hadn’t dropped that ‘L’ bomb.
  3.  Jason (#4):   If Jason gets a 1-on-1 next week, you can Sharpie him in for a hometown.
  4.  Wills (#3):  Wills rounds out the Top 4 this week, but I’m not entirely convinced yet that he’ll make the final 4.


  1.  Connor (#5):  I think Connor needs a big week next week, and I hope he gets it.
  2.  Leo (#9):  We are down to single digit guys. Have we even seen Becca kiss Leo?  Why is he still here?
  3.  Chris (#7):  There’s no way Chris recovers from this week.
  4.  Lincoln (#11):  My opinion from last week stands.

Still Gone by Default:

Colton:  Colton actually got a 1-on-1 this week and, if we’re being honest, is probably getting a hometown. Knowing what we know, though, I can’t legitimize him.  After telling Becca that he doesn’t say “love” easily, he told the producers he was falling in love. Honesty is not a strong suit.

Sent Home:

David (meh), Jordan (finally!), and John (still crying).  


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