May 24, 2024

Mt Rushmore: Conspiracy Theories

Well, it’s Rushmore week once again! Didn’t we just do this? Nope, it’s been a year, but welcome back! Just gonna list my top conspiracies here, and I hope to hear from you all on how right or wrong I am.

Number four on the list is “The Alien Conspiracy.” I often tweet about this or talk on our podcasts about this subject and for good reason. I firmly believe there’s not a chance in hell we are alone in this vast universe that we exist in. The math is on my side with this conspiracy topic. Just look up the Drake equation or simply Google it.

However, I’m not totally convinced that we’ve been visited by alien life as we’ve seen in countless Syfy films and television shows. As much as I’d like to believe (X-Files theme plays), I just cannot say it with 100% certainty, but it still fascinates the human population the world over. Therefore, it comes in at #4 on my Mt. Rushmore of Conspiracies!


Number three on my Rushmore of conspiracies is one that often gets the most eye rolls, laughs, and my favorite response “Are you serious right now?” The bigfoot/sasquatch/wood ape conspiracy is for sure one of the top four out there.

Listen, I don’t know what the hell people are seeing out there, but we have witness footage and testimony from very credible people. Doctors, lawyers, policeman and just regular everyday people have seen this creature. In my best estimation, it’s a population of chimps or some kind of crossbred ape that’s simply eluded people for many years. Who the hell really knows? It’s super interesting nonetheless.


The top two conspiracies on my Rushmore are two of the most well known conspiracies of the last 100 years, so I’ll go with the JFK assassination as my number two. It nudged out my number one by the narrowest of margins. However, you look at the killing of JFK, and there are many angles and a vast web of connections with this particular incident.

It really did alter the timeline of not only American history, but world history. Personally, I tend to lean in the direction of this being Oswald and another unknown shooter both getting off shots, while backed by some faction of the US mob. The theories are vast and wide ranging on this topic.


The number one conspiracy on my Rushmore is the moon landing conspiracy. The beginnings of this have been going on since pretty much the second that the government got involved with space exploration. My favorite part of this one is how it has become connected with number two on my list. Also, the scope and extreme web of ideas and “evidence” that are involved with “fake Moon landing” are incredible and one of the best forms of internet entertainment. Thanks for reading!


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