July 15, 2024

Got This Covered: 1.6 – LAUREL!!!

Welcome to “Got this Covered” – the pod that streams from phones, computers & machines across this great ol Country – spanning across 2211 Miles of sweet freedom filled US soil. ‘Merica Daggumit!!

Featuring Tami Dooley, Ted Flint and Shaun Curran – these three frenemies are coming at you LIVE (Kinda) from the prettiest shitholes from sea to Shining Sea.

This week the gang gets back together to cover all things Pop Culture – from the rise of Donald Glover, The new Comicbook Movie Renaissance, Brooklyn 99 & the Power of the Twitter Protest!! Oh and we talk Memorial Day and plug some stuff

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Shaun Curran 56 Articles
Staff Writer

Shaun is probably best described as a Man-Child in his mid-thirties with too much time on his hands and access to a computer. He loves his amazing wife, beautiful baby girl, dog Rudy, Florida State Football and Batman. Oh yeah - and his friends, family, other dog Rusty, and the Jacksonville Jaguars. His political and religious beliefs are probably of no interest to you, so let's just keep that out of this. Shaun enjoys finding humor in all things, believes in the good in people, loves his life and all that are a part of it. This blog/site is just for fun and should be taken lightly - he does not aim to offend, but if he does please feel free to write a strongly worded letter to your congressman. Any positive feedback is welcome or ideas on topics you'd like to see discussed is greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read this nonsense, we hope it brings a smile to your face or brightens your day just a bit.

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