June 25, 2024

Could Matt Nagy Sneak The Bears Into the Playoffs in Year One?

The Bears were one of the laughing stocks of the NFL in 2017. Coaching was terrible, injuries decimated the team, and they just didn’t have a play maker outside of Jordan Howard and the potential of Mitchell Trubisky.

Since Matt Nagy was hired in Chicago, the Bears are a team that has done a lot to change their perception around the league. For four straight season the Bears have finished at the bottom of the NFC North. Now they are finally starting to build some hype on what they can ultimately be as a team.

All the Bears had to do was make less than five key additions to an offense that was stagnant. No wide receivers? No problem, add Allen Robinson and Taylor Gabriel. Robinson who was regarded as one of the best receivers in the league before his ACL injury and Taylor Gabriel who is a speedy guy that has some serious upside.  Even in the draft they snagged one of the best receivers in last year in college Anthony Miller by trading back into the second round to get him. Suddenly the Bears have a receiving corp that will be at least respected by opposing coaches. Add in Trey Burton who many believe could play as a top tier tight end in this league. Though the offensive line could use more key additions, James Daniels should be a nice pick to start with there and it gives Matt Nagy something to build with.

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The Bears also got a key play maker in the 2018 draft in Roquan Smith, LB out of Georgia. His presence on an already solid defense gives them what they have been needing since the days of Brian Urlacher. The Bears secondary could also use a few more depth pieces, but most of the free agent talent pool is already dried up and I don’t envision Ryan Pace pulling off a trade. So we may have to wait another year on that.

First year turnarounds are a tough thing to do. Especially in a division with Aaron Rodgers and a stout Vikings team. Crazier things have happened before, just look at the Rams last season. I honestly can’t see it happening just yet, but I do believe there is finally some good buzz in the air around Soldier Field and that is enough to get me excited about Sunday again.

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