May 21, 2024

2018 Tailgate Society MLB Preview: David Graf edition

Editors Note: I tasked some of the baseball minds of TGS to write a Major League Baseball Preview asking them to answer these questions. Hope you enjoy them. 

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1.Who will win the divisions?

NL West: Los Angeles Dodgers

Clayton Kershaw will pitch in all 162 games if required to get the Dodgers back to the postseason.

NL Central: Chicago Cubs

I just hope that they flame out in the NLDS with the help of some Yu Darvish duds.

NL East: Washington Nationals

Bryce Harper will lead them to one more playoff berth before signing for a new team in the offseason that gives him $400 million, the deed to the stadium, and the owner’s first-born son.

AL West: Houston Astros

The only way the ‘Stros don’t win their division is if Shohei Ohtani hits like Ichiro and pitches like regular season Yu Darvish for the Angels.

AL Central: Minnesota Twins

The Indians won’t have karma on their side after deciding not to ditch the Chief Wahoo logo until 2019.

AL East: New York Yankees

They will lead Major League Baseball in home runs, strikeouts, runs scored, and most importantly, wins.

2. Who will be the Wild Card Teams?

NL Wild Cards: Milwaukee Brewers and Colorado Rockies

Something’s brewing in Denver, and I believe it’s a postseason behemoth.

AL Wild Cards: Cleveland Indians and Boston Red Sox

The Indians will beat the Red Sox for the privilege of being unceremoniously ousted by the New York Yankees.

3. Who plays in the World Series and who wins?

Colorado Rockies vs. New York Yankees

The Yankees will have a surprisingly competent starting rotation while outslug everyone on the way to their 28th World Series Championship.

4. Who are your League MVP’s?

National League MVP: Nolan Arenado

Arenado will lead Major League baseball in the most spectacular web gems that make you say, “ooh!” and the most jaw dropping home runs that make you say, “aah!”

American League MVP: Mike Trout

Trout will simply remain healthy throughout the season, which should be enough for him to regain his MVP crown.

5. Who are your League Cy Young winners?

National League Cy Young: Clayton Kershaw

I will never pick against Kershaw for the Cy Young award, especially when he doesn’t allow a run throughout the entirety of spring training.

American League Cy Young: Justin Verlander

This is my pick mostly because I don’t want to believe that Verlander will lose his edge after finally winning a World Series and making Kate Upton his bride.

6. If you could put any fictional baseball player on your favorite team, who would it be and why?

For my Houston Astros, I was torn between Rex Pennebaker from Mr. 3000 or Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn from Major League, but I have to go with Pennebaker because of concerns about getting Major League 2 Rick Vaughn. Imagine placing Pennebaker in that lineup with George Springer, Jose Altuve, and Carlos Correa.

7. Give me three bold predictions.

  1. Gary Sanchez will lead the New York Yankees in home run this season, despite the presence of The Honorable Aaron Judge and The Mighty Giancarlo Stanton.
  2. The Philadelphia Phillies will have a winning season.
  3. A quarterback drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft will throw the worst ceremonial first pitch this season. Worse than 50 Cent did.

8. What are your top three baseball movies and one you dislike the most?

  1. Mr. 300

Bernie Mac is the king of comedy, baby. RIP.

  1. Little Big League

Mostly because I love Ken Griffey, Jr.’s cameo.

  1. Hardball

I’m a sucker for anything with Keanu Reeves, gambling, or baseball. The combination of all 3 cultivates a winner.

Worst Baseball Movie: Rookie of the Year

Despite a strong performance from Gary Busey, I will never root for the Chicago Cubs. Not even in a fictional movie that can’t help but tug at your heartstrings.

9, Baseball has decided to honor Latin American players by wearing special hats and jerseys in the minor leagues this season. which of the new team logos and hats are your favorite?

My favorite is the Corpus Christi Raspas because they have a snow cone as their logo, and nothing embodies summer quite like baseball and snow cones.

Ted Flint | The Tailgate Society
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