July 15, 2024

Shawntez’s Superb Owl Drink Menu

I’m back for more shenanigans in 2018! We’re gonna kick things off with the conclusion of the NFL season and set our sights on Super Bowl LII. (Off topic, I agree with doing away with the Roman numeral gig)

The playoffs were pretty exciting this season leading up to the big game. From the Titans actually winning a playoff game to the Vikings pulling off that miraculous play to take down the Saints. The hype train fizzled out on the Jags and the Vikings had no answer in the NFC Championship against Philly, so we’re gonna watch the Eagles and Patriots battle it out in the shiny new stadium in Minneapolis.

Black Velvet

Look, the Eagles and the Pats both probably fall in my “Bottom 5 Favorite NFL Teams” so I’m not going to hit you with a bunch of fun insights and quirky spins. I hope both teams lose. I’ve seriously been conflicted the last couple of weeks deciding who the heck I’m going to pretend to cheer for and I’m still coming up empty. Anyway, I guess I hope it’s a good game and everyone except Tom Brady has fun.

What You’ll Need: Champagne, Guinness

Alright, I need you to take a breather because this probably isn’t what you think it is. I’m sure Ted read this and got super excited, but I’m sorry Ted, this is going to be a let down for you. In your glass, simply fill your cup halfway with champagne and then top off with Guinness stout. Layering the drink isn’t necessarily important to this drink, but if you’re feeling fancy I say go for it.

Caribbean Rum Punch

Shawn Fensterman | The Tailgate Society

Aside from the game, we have much more important things to look forward to when Sunday rolls around. The commercials are always a big deal, even though most of them get leaked the week before anyway. But most importantly, we’ve got our boy Justin Timberlake taking over at halftime. He’s apparently taking it quite seriously and rehearsing his ass off for his 13 minute show, so hopefully it doesn’t disappoint.

What You’ll Need: lime juice, orange juice, spiced rum (Captain Morgan is my choice, maybe even give one of the flavored Captains a shot here), bitters, simple syrup

It’s the Super Bowl and most likely everyone has plans for a get together of some sorts. With that, I wanted to throw in a punch of some sort that can be mixed and shared amongst all your beloved friends. So, in a pitcher (or bowl) mix together the following:

1 cup lime juice

2 cups simple syrup

4 cups orange juice

3-4 dashes of bitters

Now, you might realize that the above list is missing a key component. The recipe calls for 3 cups of rum. Now obviously I find that amount to be very subjective. I recommend putting in 3 cups to start, and then splash in a shot or two as you feel necessary. From here, fill your cup with ice and pour in the concoction. (If you recall, this is very similar to a drink I featured in my College Football Week 2 menu. I love this drink and I’m going to force you all to enjoy it.)

Hawaiian Punch

Shawn Fensterman | The Tailgate Society

As I mentioned above, I’m not sure what else to give you here. I want both teams to have their hearts ripped out a couple times in the fourth quarter because I’m a bad friend and fan. I’m hoping the game doesn’t end up as a 17-13 snooze-fest like I think it might be. So, here’s to a 63-58 shootout!

What You’ll Need: orange vodka, cherry vodka, cranberry juice, lemonade

In your party cup filled with ice, mix in equal parts of each vodka. Try for about a shot a piece, but I can understand it being a little more if your team is down. Then top off with equal parts cranberry and lemonade. Although it may sound a little on the sweet side, it seems to balance pretty well and isn’t completely overwhelming.

Beer of the Bowl!!!

Surly Hell is a simple, light lager from my friends up north. Surly Brewing is located in Minneapolis and pumps out a handful of varieties of decent beer. Sticking to my usual lighter beers, I chose the Hell for this week. They also gained a spot in my good graces by putting this on their website for anyone heading to the Twin Cities for the game.

That’s what I have for everyone on this version of the Drink Menu. I hope everyone gets a chance to try a drink or three that I’ve left for you! Have fun on Sunday, place stupid bets with your friends (find the O/U on the National Anthem time and take the under. I have faith in you P!nk.), enjoy the game and most of all, stay safe! Happy Superb Owl to everyone!

Shawn Fensterman | The Tailgate Society
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