April 18, 2024

WYMAT: Governing Bodies Need to Get it Together

If the government shutting down doesn't make you mad, Larry Nassar will

A new day, a new problem. I’m going to skip the easing into the problems of the country because y’all should be heated about some things. Grab your coffee and put a splash of Jack in it, you’re going to need it. Just some quick hitters to get you slightly aware of what’s happened recently.

Governmental Affairs

The government shut down, so that’s a problem. I don’t claim to be too bright, but I must know the logic of blaming the Dems when the GOP holds the power. Straight up, that’s how I’m going to start blaming other people for things I mess up.

Seriously, folks, the people running our government need to figure their stuff out. Republicans and Democrats need to get over their tiff and start working together. What a concept. A government that operates by listening to the people and working cohesively together. I know, this sounds like absolute chaos. In what world would all of these “leaders” get over themselves enough to actually be helpful to those who elected them? Oh right, one that doesn’t exist. If playing nice and making the country a better place isn’t really what you’re trying to do, maybe representing groups of people isn’t for you. But what do I know? I’m just some kid with opinions.

Women’s March

Women and men marching, I see you! I ain’t even mad that you’re standing for what you believe in. I am a little mad when you lack intersectionality in your protesting. The problems of white women are not always the same as minority women. Please, be an ally and remember this when you protest. All women deserve equality and equity. In the fight against the patriarchal horse manure we must endure, understand that the fight is an intersectional one that includes poor women, trans women, women of color, queer women, and all women in between. As your voice gets louder, remember the voices that contribute to change. White, heterosexual, cisgender, middle to upper-middle class women are not the only women impacted negatively by our hierarchy in society (patriarchy).

I’m back on my bullshit of taking the both sides approach. I’m sure someone, somewhere is mad about all these women marching for equality. But what about the marches for equality for men? I think something like this happened in August?

Olympics: Gymnasts Stick the Landing

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

If you are not pissed, disgusted, heartbroken, etc. about the treatment of gymnasts by their “doctor,” I need you to go take a hard look at yourself and figure out where you need to get help. The crimes of Larry Nassar should never have happened to the athletes in the first place. If you think he shouldn’t have to listen to gymnasts like Aly Raisman tell him about how he hurt them, maybe listen to what the gymnasts have to say. I don’t care who you are, nobody should ever have to endure what the athletes who were in his care had to put up with. I hope every person he violated comes and tells him how he hurts them. He will probably never fully comprehend the damage he’s caused. I cannot express the depths of my anger for him and the institutions that allowed him to continue. The women coming forward are heroes in their own right.

There are no two sides to this one, folks. Child pornography, child abuse, and rape are things that don’t get a cheeky two sides comment. Harming other people for pleasure is foul and unacceptable. Not believing children, young adults, and adults when they share their stories of violation, inexcusable. Having knowledge about this behavior and doing nothing about it, just as bad as the abuser. There are not two sides: you are either an ally or you’re part of the problem. Stop being a passive bystander or whatever garbage people tell themselves to stay out of difficult issues.

Zion Williamson Commits to Duke

Simon Bruty/SI

If you’re a college basketball fan but lack enthusiasm when it comes to Duke, get even more unhappy. Duke’s roster will have the number three ranking player in the country joining soon. Clemson, North Carolina, Kentucky, Kansas, and South Carolina coaches are all probably pretty mad. On a positive note, even with a top recruit, Duke will probably lose to more than one of these teams. So fans of these teams can rest peacefully knowing this.


In other news, college basketball is in full swing. I’m sure a good number of you are mad about how your team is performing. Nothing like upsets on upsets, am I right? Isn’t that what makes college basketball so fun? Maybe I have a warped sense of what’s fun.


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