June 21, 2024

List of LaFratte: Tag Teams

Over the past couple of years tag team wrestling has reemerged as major focal point in the landscape of pro wrestling with teams like The New Day, Usos and Young Bucks. Hopefully there will continue to be some accountability of the brass to plug some storyline into a once lost art.

Here’s my countdown of pro wrestling’s top ten tag teams of all-time.

#10. Beer Money Inc. – were once a team that did a great job complimenting each other one and off the mic before turning bitter enemies. Storm and Roode helped showcase the TNA Tag Team Titles with the likes of the Motor City Machine Guns.

#9. The Outsiders – Scott Hall and Kevin Nash were big, strong and dangerous, and they were monumental in making WCW Nitro the best damn show on television for the period of time.

#8. The Hart Foundation – set a standard of excellence. They showed that power and skill could carry you far. They were great WWF tag team champions with a side of controversy when Jimmy Hart was in their corner.  Who said real men don’t where pink?

#7. New Age Outlaws – “The Road Dog” Jesse James and “Bad Ass” (later just changed to “Mr. Ass”) Billy Gunn were a vocal part of the “Attitude Era” and in many ways completed DX. It’s like they said “Oh you didn’t know? Well your ass better call somebody!”

#6. Harlem Heat- were a vocal part of WCW tag team division winning multiple tag team titles under the guidance of Sister Sherri Martel. The brothers eventually parted ways as Booker T went on to the WCW World title and Stevie Ray joined the NWO.

#5. Hardy Boyz –  are multiple time WWE tag team champions, but more importantly they redefined (X)treme in the WWE. I’m sure you didn’t forget Lita too.

#4. The Steiners-  were great amateur wrestlers who made the transition to the ring. Rick was the brute of the two. Scott was the more agile. And when they rocked back in a Steiner Recliner or a Frankensteiner off the top rope, it was OVER.

#3. The Road Warriors (aka Legion of Doom) – came to Georgia Championship Wrestling and knew nothing about the business. They were bodybuilders who needed to be molded. Ole Anderson gave them that chance. And with Paul Ellering, they delivered multiple tag team championships.

#2. Edge and Christian- are best of friends that made GREAT tag team champions! They have done it all in wrestling. Both have had great singles careers and when they were in the ring against The Dudley’s and The Hardy’s, they gave us some of the greatest tag team matches of all-time. Who could ever forget the TLC Matches!?!

#1. The Dudley Boyz- won 20 plus tag titles and had great charisma in and out of the ring. Those accomplishments will never be duplicated.

Who’s in your top 10?  I’d love to hear your opinions!

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