June 25, 2024

Shawntez’s Tailgate Drink Menu – Week 13

We made it through the drag that was week 12! To be fair, there was a few moments of excitement. Virginia gave Miami a run for their money early on, but the Hurricanes prevailed as expected and held their spot in the top 4. Notre Dame had a bit of a battle with Navy, and Nebraska showed that they actually can score some points if they put their mind to it! Only real shocker was Bill Snyder working his magic against Okie State.

Week 13 is an exciting time! A whole bunch of rivalries are going down and it’s also everyone’s last chance to push their way into conference championships. There’s a lot on the line and that always makes for some special moments. So let’s get pumped up and get to the good stuff.


A lot of fun games on Black Friday for us before even more fun on Saturday. Baylor and TCU take each other on which probably won’t be a close one, but there’s a good chance for some offensive fireworks. USF and UCF could be a lot of fun on Friday afternoon. The two teams are a combined 19-1 and both are hoping to be the winner of the AAC East. Finally, Virginia and Virginia Tech are gonna battle for the Commonwealth Cup. Virginia had a decent showing last week against Miami, and Virginia Tech is 1-2 in their last 3 games.

What You’ll Need: Vanilla vodka, Orange juice, half & half

This one is nice and simple and a great drink to get your weekend going. Simply mix equal parts vanilla vodka and orange juice. Then top off with a splash of half & half, stir and enjoy!

Kansas City Ice Water

Saturday afternoon features a rivalry known all around the world!… kind of. Farmageddon is upon us as Iowa State heads down to Manhattan to take on Bill Snyder. The game always seems a bit interesting, and this year the idea of a trophy is gaining more steam. It usually seems to be a wild display of “How can Snyder pull this off?” while “How can ISU fuck this up?” simultaneously. Quick side note, Ohio State and Michigan play Saturday morning, but since Michigan hasn’t won since 2011 and probably won’t win this year, I’m not super interested. The Iron Bowl also goes down at 2:30 CT which holds a lot of potential excitement and some possible effects on the Playoff.

What You’ll Need: Vodka, Gin, Rum, Triple Sec, Sour mix, lime juice, Sprite

In an ice filled cup, mix equal parts of vodka, rum, gin and triple sec. Add in a quick splash of lime juice. Then top off with equal parts sour and sprite to fill the rest of the room. This is a slight variation of a Long Island Iced Tea. The different mixers give it more of a tart taste than the sweetness that comes with a Long Island, so this is usually my choice.


Angry Apple Pie

The late games on Saturday are going to be a lot of fun. Clemson takes on South Carolina, Notre Dame battles Stanford and Washington and Washington State fight for the Apple Cup. That last one is where I want to focus, because we learn, week after week, that Mike Leach is a wondrous person.

What You’ll Need: Angry Orchard apple cider, amaretto, Fireball cinnamon whiskey, orange juice

This one is similar to the Lunchbox I featured in week 3 with some minor variations. Fill your glass with ice and add in 1/2 shot of amaretto and a 1/2 shot of Fireball. Next, pour in Angry Orchard and making sure to leave a little room at the top for the final step. Top off the remaining room with orange juice and stir. (For an extra little bit, rim the glass with cinnamon sugar!)


Tailgate Beer of the Week!

Schlitz is a classic. It’s a name every one knows but I’m sure not everyone has tried. It’s similar to a lot of light beers and is easy to drink but won’t go down as the greatest beer you’ve ever tasted. It’s a beer that I have maybe once a year or so just to “treat myself” for lack of a better term. But the season is winding down and I couldn’t miss an opportunity to feature “The Beer that made Milwaukee Famous.”


That’s all I’ve got for us to wrap up the regular season! Enjoy this holiday weekend, be safe and have a blast. There’s a lot of fun to be had and as always, I’m hoping we all wake up victorious on Sunday!

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