June 12, 2024

Time to take the next step to make Farmageddon great

Iowa State and Kansas State have played 99 times in football. The 101st game will be played this Saturday in Bill Synder Family Stadium. They have the 8th longest continuous streak of games played. Iowa State owns the all time record 49-47 with four ties, And there is no rivalry trophy. We live in an age where conferences try to manufacture rivalries. Look no further than The Civil ConFLiCT trophy.

UConn tried to make UConn vs. UCF a rivalry game for some reason- since you know those schools have so much in common. A rivalry that UCF cared so little about that, that after they won the game against UConn this previous weekend they didn’t even go get the trophy. Think about that. How bad does your trophy and rivalry have to be that the players won’t even go get the Trophy? They care so little about it they lost the damn trophy.

Ted Flint | The Tailgate Society

This is where Kansas State and Iowa State can fix this problem. Yes, I know the Iowa State hasn’t won the game since 2007, but Snyder has to retire soon, right? I mean, he can’t live forever can he? Please someone tell me he can’t live forever. I need this. GUYS?

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Sorry got off track there. Let me tell you some reasons why this rivalry works. The schools are two of the oldest land grant schools and do great things in agriculture. Both schools’ main rival is a school to the east of them that will always look at them as a little brother. Even though they routinely beat them at all the major sports, but anyways. Both schools have a passionate fan base that would embrace such a rivalry.

With so many “fake” rivalries with lame trophies cough cough Heroes Game cough cough Iowa State and Kansas State would need something to stand out, and they already have a killer name in Farmageddon. What am I envisioning for a trophy? How about a Farmall B (for the non-farm kids this is an old tractor) which the schools could drive to the hosting stadium the week of. Then the tractor would sit on the sidelines. The winning school would then get to paint the tractor their school colors. I mean how awesome would that photo look of all the football players jumping onto the tractor at the end of the game. Can’t you see a linemen driving the tractor toward the winning teams locker room. I can see it, I know you can.

Ted Flint | The Tailgate Society

In the age of social media, if we come together we can make this happen. So if you haven’t been blocked by your school’s AD, you should tweet at him, or email him, or write him, or call him. Only you can make Farmageddon happen. I mean the Big 12 is going to blow up in 8 years we might as well have some fun with it before then, right? So share this piece and lets make something awesome happen.

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