March 3, 2024

The Future of Sports Journalism is Female

I know because I'm doing it.

You know what’s funny? There’s men around the country sitting on their asses right now, typing away on their phones and laptops, trash talking knowledgeable and qualified women who are actively pursuing sports as a career.

What is it these men are so threatened by? Obviously, not all men think this way, thankfully! But, what cracks me up is men who also probably have never played a single day of professional ball themselves, are out trash talking people who have the talent to be paid for the words they’re typing and writing on their phones and laptops.

Why is it women can’t understand sports? Did you guys go to medical school and make some discovery that our brains are somehow programmed in a way that women are somehow ignorant to sports?

Why would any of us females pursue a career in something where we know we won’t always be taken serious, our words won’t always hold value in some fans eyes and disrespect comes along with the package if all we’re after is looking pretty on camera? Let me know.

Remember in 2016 when men read mean tweets to female sports reporters?

It is ridiculous to think these women bust their asses to cover sports knowing these type of things will be said about them just to get “attention.”

I’ll never forget that video and I hope some of you never do.

What’s Julie DiCaro still doing? Covering sports. What’s Sarah Spain still doing? Covering sports.

This isn’t the first time women are questioned and disrespected in sports solely based on the fact that they’re women and it won’t be the last, I’m sure. What is happening is that the amount of men who do value women and see them as equals are the same men hiring more women and reaching out to women to contribute. Women are growing to have their own shows, podcasts, websites, etc.

It seems as if the majority of the men who have the loudest voices on the trash takes they fire off about women in sports are ending up silenced by the fact that they’re sitting at home alone saying these things, and women are out here busy getting paid to talk sports. They’re in the press box, on the sidelines of your beloved fields and at the press conferences you’re watching probably because in some places its a woman running the camera for you or it’s a woman transcribing the interviews.

Cam Newton can say what he wants, because his opinion doesn’t have the power to stop any female writer from covering his game. Former players can say what they want because they are not capable of stopping women from covering the game they once played.

As a young woman diving into sports journalism, I have bad news for you men who truly believe I don’t belong: I am being hired and I am valued as a sports writer.

I will be questioned and I will meet men I will never convince to take me seriously, but that will not change the desire and love I have for sports. It will not ever break me down to walk away from this industry because unlike majority of the men out there who think I’m not good enough, I am actively pursuing sports in a way that they never will and that is what makes us different.

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