May 29, 2024

Cam Newton’s slant on women in sports journalism falls flat

Cam Newton put his ass on display for the world in an interview with Panthers beat writer Jourdan Rodrigue on Wednesday afternoon. Let’s go to the tape:

It’s fucking hilarious, to hear a girl talking about routes. Cam thinks it’s adorable. You can see it on his stupid, smug face. After years in football, around, no doubt, hundreds of contacts with reporters of all stripes, through all of the racist BS he’s been through, and all of the horseshit he’s pulled, he still thinks that girls trying to football is funny.

I’ve talked to dozens of men like this. At games, I try to engage the people around me in conversation. The best convo was with a woman who was retired and was like an encyclopedia of Boise State stats and facts. It was incredible and I learned more in that three hours than I had in two years online. The worst is when a guy asks a question, I answer, and then he dismisses the answer out of hand, usually only to be proven wrong by the replay or google when he inevitably pulls out his phone.

You see, the female of the species shares the same senses as the male! I know it’s pretty shocking, but stick with me here. That means that while there are biological differences, we all share the same basic make up. That includes a group with an inclination towards athletics! Some men, who Cam obviously needs to hang around more of, understand that women cover just as broad of a range of experience and understanding, likes and dislikes, and ability to analyze what the fuck is going on in front of their faces, as males.

Bow ties. Bow ties are what I find cute. Grown men in stupid ties and stupid hats hit a soft spot. Cam, you, always hit that soft spot so I could look the other way about the BS at Auburn because of that winning smile and winning arm. However, treating a professional beat reporter, who, let’s be honest, tossed you a f’ing softball of a question, like she doesn’t belong, isn’t cool.

Hmm. Did Mr. Newton apologize, or even seem to recognize what he did as incorrect?

No, he did not.

Dudes, you want to end the bitching about women getting treated like shit for just trying to do a job? Call this out. It’s not appropriate, its unprofessional, and I hope his condescending behavior leads to him never getting laid again.

Haha, it’s cute. Dumb boys talking bout being icons.

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