July 15, 2024

It’s Time To Bench Mike Glennon

The Bears picked up their first win of the season on Sunday over the Pittsburgh Steelers. This was Mike Glennon’s second victory as a starting quarterback in three years. Let’s just say that the passing game was not the reason the Bears came away with the victory on Sunday.

We have seen Mike Glennon time and time again dump the ball down to the check down receiver for a minimal gain. Glennon only completed one pass to a wide receiver on Sunday and that completion happened in a two minute drill in the fourth quarter. He finished the day 15 of 22 and 101 yards passing. He was also sacked twice. Glennon did throw one touchdown but again, the pass only traveled two yards.

Basically the Bears are paying Mike Glennon $45 million to turn around and hand the ball off and hit the occasional 5 yard pass. There is no threat down the middle of the field. There is no threat of him escaping the pocket. So why not let Mitchell Trubisky do these things and develop in game and not on the bench and eventually make the Bears offense pose a threat?

The Bears gave away multiple draft picks to move up and draft Trubisky. The way they are handling him makes me feel like they found him in a dumpster covered in pizza boxes. So far the coaching staff won’t make the change. What they don’t seem to realize that the time is now to bench Mike Glennon and improve their team.

The Bears won’t be throwing away their season by playing Mitchell Trubisky. Hell they may even improve their chances. There is no reason to waste the potential of Mitchell Trubisky just so we can sit and watch Mike Glennon throw to his check downs for 60 minutes every Sunday. This season can be meaningful but the Bears coaching staff doesn’t appear they want it to be.

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There is no value for this franchise to continue to play a quarterback that is “ok”. They are not a team like the Broncos or Texans who are one solid quarterback away from making noise in the playoffs. If they were, I might be ok with them grooming Trubisky for a year but as of now, Glennon is holding this team’s development back.

It’s not to say Trubisky couldn’t turn the Bears into a playoff team now. Anything is possible in the NFL. The Bears brass shouldn’t care that right now. We all know that the Bears are nowhere near a playoff team with an abysmal passing game with Glennon. By starting Trubisky now, the Bears can begin to prepare for next year and if they do end up making some noise, so be it. Bears fans would not be mad.

It’s time to drop the Mike Glennon experience and let the kid the Bears gave up so much for, go to work.

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