July 15, 2024

The Internet: Week In Review 8/24/2017

Well I don’t know about you but I’m fairly glad the eclipse thing is all over so let’s take a look at the cool shit I found from the internet this week, enjoy!

This might be the coolest pic I’ve ever seen in my life, totally badass.

This pic just won the Nat Geo’s Travel Photographer Contest 2017 (by Sergio Tapiro Velasco)
byu/Sandstories inpics

Ok let’s continue with the awesome lightning photos and gifs

check out this bitchin bolt


The lake of fire claims yet another victim

Nature pic heavy so far but damn, these are amazing.

Welcome to Oklahoma 

This chair was just waiting for the perfect moment to let this dude down gently.

Office chair quits its job

When the Black Velvet and Maui Waui kick in

If interpretive ski dancing would be an olympic sport, we would have a winner.
byu/-sUBzERoo- infunny

That dude flinched so hard

Spanish Citizenship Test

Not sure the math checks out.

Any explanation to this?

Motherfucking trash panda’s man, they’ll take all ya shit

“Can I have some?”

Bob is head over heals about his new four wheeler

Let drive through this puddle, WCGW?

Nailed it!


Fucking ostrich’s will fuck you up.

To pet an ostrich

Been saying this for years

Kids are pretty much tiny drunk adults
byu/Alexandra-Campbell ingifs

From the extreme NOPE section

Hate you

These people have no shame.

Vaping By A Freeway 

“Yeah I looked at the sun, it was a great sun and it was yuge and great”


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