September 26, 2020

TGS, Booze and Charts…. OH MY!!

It was a relatively busy day yesterday at the TGS offices and I mean busy. I can’t even list the topics that were discussed but you name it and it was probably discussed by everybody.

The real party started late in the day when a really, important topic hit our desks and erupted into a giant debate across the offices.


Here at TGS we all appreciate a good alcoholic beverage so we decided to turn to hard facts and data.

Take a seat, grab your drink and prepare for the presentation

Jacqueline Cordova | The Tailgate Society

Let’s just start at the root of it all: beer

Everyone here seems to be extremely passionate about beer (I don’t know why) but from the 17 members who participated it was a strong tie between IPA and Hefewiezen (What the heck is this H word?).

What really matter is that 12% of people who chose ciders! Everyone please refer to me as the queen of ciders from now on.


Moving on to the next topic that sparked the actual debate: Liquor

Jacqueline Cordova | The Tailgate Society

There was a clear winner in this debate and proves that TGS is indeed a beer place? Where can I terminate my contract? Rum is the clear loser in this debate???? Weird!!! Has to be #fakenews. Whiskey came in a close second which I think say’s a lot about our staff here at TGS and I’ll leave it at that.

As our conversations went on we decided to dive a little deeper.


Jacqueline Cordova | The Tailgate Society

Shots! Shots! Shots!

Tequila wins! So if you ever are thinking how you would like to thank the great minds of TGS if you ever see them in public just buy us tequila. The majority seem to like it and I’m sure the rest of us who didn’t chose tequila could be convinced. Whiskey a close second! Fireball counts as a whiskey… @ me if you don’t agree.

Can we take a moment to acknowledge that “Girly Froo Foo Shit” got more votes than just vodka…..



Jacqueline Cordova | The Tailgate Society

This was an interesting one to me because although other options were offered it seems that everybody can agree that Vegas Bombs win at life with Irish Car bombs and Jagger bombs coming in a close second and everything else seems irrelevant. *shoulder shrug*


Now for the question you’ve ALL been waiting for!!!!!!!!

How does TGS get drunk you ask…well…

The answers vary. Beer and wine are the top two in this one which took an unexpected turn since liquor was the top choice we’d been debating next to beer and yet wine came in like a wrecking ball and stamped it’s place as a top contender. Mixed drinks come in third, nothing surprising there.

For the grandmas of our staff it seems taking it on the rocks (neat?) didn’t come in dead last alone as it seems Shawn came in hot with the unpopular way of drinking which is straight shots.

Jacqueline Cordova | The Tailgate Society
Jacqueline Cordova
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