March 24, 2023

The Internet: Week In Review 7/31/2017

Well here we are folks, one week closer to football and Saturdays filled with beers, brats, bags and early morning tailgate wake up calls. Here’s some shit I found interesting on the “internet” this week.

Holy mackerel!

This 915 lb Behemoth Blue Fin was caught off the Coast of New Zealand! The fish was sold for a little over 50k from pics

Hawkeye fan’s when you tweet #AHF

*can opener sound*

This poor child’s life will never be the same..

Fantastic views, never gonna catch him though.

Race with a Marmot

Can’t believe they just leave their back massage device just laying around like that..

How to annoy your wife 2.0. I had to improvise the S when I ran out of sequin pillows. 🙁 from funny

All jokes aside, this is very impressive.

Running on logs.

Reason number one not to go into the ocean.

Gotta watch out for the falling peoples.

People keep opening this door and falling 2 meters onto concrete. Can you put a sign up? from OSHA

Here’s a gif of the greatest basketball player of all time shattering a backboard.

Michael Jordan shatters the backboard with a dunk from sports

He damn near nailed the landing.

HOF level drinker achievement badge unlocked

Kicking open her friend’s beer

Reason #2 for not entering the ocean. At any point ever.


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