May 29, 2024

The Mount Rushmore of TV dads

In honor of Father’s Day and Mount Rushmore Week, I thought I’d lay out the Mount Rushmore of TV Dads for y’all.

First, of course, is Tony Micelli from “Who’s the Boss?” Tony, a retired baseball player, raised his daughter Samantha all by himself. He even took a job as a live-in housekeeper to keep a roof over her head and support his small family, which today I don’t think would be that much of a Big Deal, but this was the 80s, so it kinda was a Big Deal.


Jonathan Kent of “Smallville.” It takes a good guy to take in a naked child found in a cornfield after a meteor shower. It takes a really good guy to raise that child as his own, despite the kid having weird and potentially scary supernatural and/or alien powers and is likely not even human. He didn’t even really bat an eye when it was confirmed Clark was in fact otherworldly. The man raised Superman. Good guy. Good dad.


“Veronica Mars’” Keith Mars has to have a spot on this monument. His daughter’s best friend is murdered, he gets fired as Sheriff because he knows the girl’s father knows more than he’s letting on, his alcoholic wife leaves him, and he’s left to raise his teenage daughter, Veronica, by himself. He has it tough, working as a private investigator to support his small family, trying to give Veronica the best life possible. He even reluctantly lets Veronica officially participate in the family business, even though she’d been solving mysteries and crimes on her own since junior year.


And finally, saving the best for last: Coach Eric Taylor. Coach Taylor was always a great dad to Julie and baby Gracie Bell, and an excellent husband to Tami. The thing that makes him a prime candidate for the Mount Rushmore of TV dads is his dedication to being a great father not only to his own kids (and, c’mon, Julie can be the spawn of Satan sometimes), but also to all the young men he coached. Who else would have let Tim Riggins live in his home while Julie was around? And it helps that Coach Taylor is certainly easy on the eyes.

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