July 22, 2024

The Internet: Week in Review – 5/9/2017

Well with this week being a short one (for some of us), I wanted to get this out Tuesday morning for all you…reviewers? Hope you enjoy the things that made me laugh on the world wide web the last week or so.

“Bro watch this!” I’m no fitness guru, but this looks kind of difficult.

Backflip with two 30lb/13kg dumbbells

If I knew this creature wouldn’t kill me, I would pet it. Majestic beast.

Mayn o’mayn

Double play!

TFW you get two headshots with one projectile

From the “mildly interesting” category.

This could be the future of Burial sites.

There were several Earth Porn choices, and this was the #1 draft pick.

Taken from our school’s High Altitude Balloon
byu/_seamaster inspace

Kind of creepy. I wonder what they taste like?

Those fishes are literally ????????????

LOL this dude gave zero fuckz and kept smokin his heater.

Guess that’s normal around here
byu/mitllo88 intumblr

This man must be an engineer.

Laziness inspires ingenuity

This neck will never be the same again. I’ll give it a 2.25 – didn’t quite stick the landing…at all.

Incredible somersault

A very shocking traffic situation. Microwaved goose probably isn’t that good.

Canadian Goose hits overhead power lines, is cooked.

I wish I took anything as serious as this guy takes his job as Gaston.

No one brings it like Gaston

Nothing says ’90s like Blues Traveler!

What a kick ass house.

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