July 22, 2024

Josh Allen: Bringing Attention to Wyoming Football

Wyoming QB predicted to go first overall in 2018 NFL draft

Not many people outside of Wyoming necessarily care about the state (many don’t even know where Wyoming is). Fortunately, the University of Wyoming is getting more attention for their football program as QB Josh Allen receives praise by national news outlets. As an alumna and avid Cowboys fan, I’m excited to see Allen and the Cowboys get recognition. The Cowboys should be an exciting team to watch in the fall, especially considering the upsets they caused this past season against Boise State and San Diego State leading to hosting the Mountain West Championship game. After going 2-10 the season prior, Wyoming fans were pleasantly shocked, and Josh Allen became everyone’s favorite Cowboy who earned Second Team All-Mountain West Honors. Did I mention not many people knew this kid before fall 2016? Coming into 2017 he’s now considered a top returning QB in college football.

Here we have a young man who breaks his collarbone in his first season, and to make things better the overall season for the Cowboys went poorly 2-10. The next year Allen and the Cowboys come out and shock the state of Wyoming, as well as other teams in the Mountain West (8-6). To make things at Wyoming better, head coach Craig Bohl proved himself in his third season at Wyoming through the success of the Cowboys. After two seasons of unhappy fans, Bohl provided insight as to how he may build another dynasty (a different topic for a different day).

Wyoming, a team that could not catch a break in the 2015 season, comes back in 2016 ready to prove something. Opposing teams showed up in the 2016 season expecting to see the same team as the season before. Who would have thought Wyoming would win the Mountain Division of the Mountain West? Even more, who would have thought at the end of a pretty good season, Josh Allen would choose to return for another season at the University of Wyoming? Especially considering people thought he should declare for the Draft. Now he’s predicted to be the first overall pick for the 2018 NFL draft.

Imagine being a Wyoming fan and hearing that your quarterback, junior Josh Allen, is expected to be the first overall draft pick next year. Your expectations for the season are high, and for good reason. A guy who proved last season he has quite the arm, oh and he’s 235 pounds and 6’5” making him the perfect size for a quarterback. Naturally, NFL scouts want to check him out based on his size alone. Anyone would argue Josh Allen has quite the future ahead of him, he’s talented and has the build of an ideal quarterback. However, anyone would also recognize the rarity of a Mountain West player being drafted first overall. This isn’t to say Allen won’t be drafted first because that’s a possibility, but people also need to see that predictions aren’t static and will change throughout the season.

Predictions aside, the Cowboys should have a good season with some good competition like Iowa, Oregon, and Boise State. Regardless of how you feel about Wyoming, be sure to check the Cowboys out this coming season. Allen will be challenged to prove he’s deserving of all the first round draft pick talk.

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  1. Emily, Emily, Emily,

    Wyoming hosts millions upon millions of tourists each year from Yellowstone to Jackson Hole to Cheyenne Frontier Days.

    Go Pokes!

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