July 14, 2024

The Internet: Week in Review – 4/27/2017

Well May is almost here, where the hell did April go? Here’s some interesting shit I found on the interwebs the last week – enjoy.

“If ESPN was a car driving down the interstate”

Water-filled impact attenuator in action

Also ESPN yesterday…

Wooooah nice save fella!

“hey let’s go watch the balloon festival!” me: “nah I’m good fam”

Hot air balloon and fireworks gone wrong.

Your weekly “nature photo.” Also a crazy ass sheep that isn’t afraid of heights apparently.

What an amazing view of the ISS passing in front of the artificial spherical alien base that rotates around our planet.

You know when someone says “Hell, I’ll try anything once!” Show them this gif and see if that stance remains.

Running with pepperspray in your anus

Just brushing up on his cardio…

Just working out for a role in a western

Another nature photo. This one includes a 50ft woman.

This woman seems as if she’s a giant lounging in the ocean on a large mountain. from mildlyinteresting

The haters gonna say it’s shopped.

This is just a fantastic job.

Pennywise vs Mr Bean from gifs

Not sure what this broski was expecting the end result of this to be.

Mounting a wild horse

LMAO, he really missed his buddy.

Possible the driver is dead, I really don’t know.

Pure gold.

A Good Day to Dog Hard

Last but certainly not least, your weekly Earth porn submission.

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